Ravi Sathasivam Poems

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I Know Your Pain...

I know your pain in your heart
Why do you want to hide from me?
Your life is something I care for it
When your heart is full of pain

I Am Born For Your Love Only......

Just because I am not with you now, our love is not dead
You may think I kept you away without any reason forever
Neither my soul has not lost nor my heart has died

What Is Faith And Belief? .....

Although, we say that a man with faith
can win the world without trouble
But faith is believing something is not seen
We do exercise believe in faith everyday

Lord Shiva Is The Ancient Hindu God...

Lord Shiva is the most ancient and potent divinity in the universe
Although mystery surrounds him but our love and faith for him is great

When You Touch Me................

When you touch me, my heart beats at the sound of your love
I love the way you hold on me I can feel your warmath
When you hug me, my heart tells my soul that you are mine
When your lips touch my lips, my soul is in heaven

My Heart Beat......

There is nothing sweeter than your love
nor the power of desire that I have for you
When my emotion dance with your soul
then I surrender into your arms for your deep love

My Love, Take Me Away With You.....

I will not forget the first day I met you
I have thrown my love into your heart to feel so good
The sound of your voice has fluttered my heart into cool
My love for you made into ocean pool

My Lord, I Am Waiting Here To See You.....

My Lord, I am waiting here to see you
The time has come now for you to appear
and to protect this world from all the sins
Now your presence will be a present to us

I Love You So Much.........

My heart can only picture you other than anyone
Its a hidden place where I have stored you with love
I can see your smile
I can hear your voice

Without You, My Love Doesn'T Exist....

I need you when the night
is filled with twinkle stars
I need you when the bright
moon is sailing in the sky