What Is Faith And Belief? .....

Although, we say that a man with faith
can win the world without trouble
But faith is believing something is not seen
We do exercise believe in faith everyday
But believing in reality is more truth than faith
We cannot see most things that we have faith
even they are existing like a faith in God.
When we become lack of belief in ourselves
then we become nothing but weakening in our soul
Most of the people dream to have something
and they want them to come true within their faith
They don't want to achieve them through belief in reality.
Some think faith and belief are part of evolution
It is true that success in life need to have both faith and belief
but belief is the way of searching for the truth or reality
Faith is known as trust on something but absence of proof
But belief is built with knowledge and a reality is proofed.

Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka
Copyright @2008 Ravi Sathasivam

Sreekala Sukumaran 21 June 2010

Faith and belief is well said and its very true...

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Indeed Ravi. In the absence of absolute do we wait motionless, or do we practise our faith, demonstrate it daily, and build the tomorrow in which it can truly flourish. You make good points.

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