Reba Haapala

Reba Haapala Poems

1. Broken 10/1/2007
2. Fall 10/2/2007
3. Black Agnle 2/1/2008
4. How Come 3/7/2008
5. Just Stop 11/3/2008
6. Shame 11/3/2008
7. The Cure 1/19/2009
8. Growing Hate 1/19/2009
9. Stand Alone 2/5/2009
10. Waiting 2/10/2009
11. Inside My Memories 3/4/2009
12. Feelings 5/22/2009
13. Tears Fall 5/28/2009
14. My Life 1/18/2007
15. That’s Me 1/18/2007
16. Dark Room 3/27/2007
17. Unloved 4/10/2007
18. Reason To Live 4/10/2007
19. Growing Pain 4/13/2007
20. Football 1/18/2007
Best Poem of Reba Haapala


Most of the boys on my team are ashamed that a girl is on their team.
They have a lot of question like: why do you play football. Are you a men or what?
Well here is your answer: I play football because I love the sport.
I can get out on the field and I can be my self and I don’t have to hide myself.
I’m not scared to be out there yeah I know most of them are bigger but I’m not scared.
We all have are weak point.
The world doesn’t stop just because I play football.
Go ahead and speak your mind.
There nothing you can say to make me quite something I love to do.

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As time gose on
My heart seem to break
Every time your name comes up
I break down and cry
When you left me, you toke
A peice of my heart
Now theres a hole in my heart
Its turing black as coal but
Cold as ice. I need to let you go

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