Reba Haapala

Reba Haapala Poems

1. Broken 10/1/2007
2. Fall 10/2/2007
3. Black Agnle 2/1/2008
4. How Come 3/7/2008
5. Just Stop 11/3/2008
6. Shame 11/3/2008
7. The Cure 1/19/2009
8. Growing Hate 1/19/2009
9. Stand Alone 2/5/2009
10. Waiting 2/10/2009
11. Inside My Memories 3/4/2009
12. Feelings 5/22/2009
13. Tears Fall 5/28/2009
14. My Life 1/18/2007
15. That’s Me 1/18/2007
16. Dark Room 3/27/2007
17. Unloved 4/10/2007
18. Reason To Live 4/10/2007
19. Growing Pain 4/13/2007
20. Football 1/18/2007

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Most of the boys on my team are ashamed that a girl is on their team.
They have a lot of question like: why do you play football. Are you a men or what?
Well here is your answer: I play football because I love the sport.
I can get out on the field and I can be my self and I don’t have to hide myself.
I’m not scared to be out there yeah I know most of them are bigger but I’m not scared.
We all have are weak point.
The world doesn’t stop just because I play football.
Go ahead and speak your mind.
There nothing you can say to make me quite something I love to do.

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How Come

How can she grow up in the world with so much pain?
she keeps pushing so many people away.
she was only six when it happen.
She tries to hide all the past memory.
But all she want to do is forgets about it.
but the pain doesn't goes away.
but she fear of the true getting out.
when it dose That no one will treat her the same.
She guesses that hell is a place called home.

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