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Waking up every morning with a giant smile on your face
But I can’t help but think that you’re lost without a trace

Laughing at everyone’s jokes even if they aren’t funny

The fish swim in the coral

and we get stuck in school


Christmas is coming and there is lots of cheer
Time to be around those which you hold so dear

Spread the Christmas joy and also spread the love

When you plant you are one with nature
As the plants grow you are a nuturing mother
Because the plants take time to mature
And in time it will be more like your brother

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride
Don't be overcome by pride

Drive down that rode and leave this place

I dont really believe in love and its not because of you
I dont believe in love because two hearts can never be true

Maybe you will find love

Reminiscing on wanting the ice cream truck to stop near my house
Watching Cinderella and saying thats one friendly mouse

Playing outside for hours and never wanting it to end

When people make you frown
Friends are what make the world go round

Through the hard and the rough

All I ever wanted was someone to hold and to long for their embrace

All I ever wished for was someone to love who loved me back just the same

I love the smell of coffee on a beautiful summer day
I love the way I get up like it could take all day
I love the sun on my skin and jumping in my pool
I like to wear my bathing suit and make all the boys drool

I've never been so utterly confused
Its like you came out of the blue

I dont want to make a wrong choice again

Listen as the rain leaks from the clouds
or feel the sun as it shines so brightly
Hear the thunder as it booms loud
Or see the lighting as it shines brightly

Everybody has that one night where they feel perfect in everyway
Everybody tells them 'you look beautiful today'


The tears fall every so gently as she learns the love can never be.
She learns of all that happened and thinks its him she never wants to see.

She thought the love was forever thats what he always said.

Stop roaming about,
Get out of my face
You're stressing me out,
I'm not running this race.

I just want to cry every time I see your face
Why do you always show up in the familiar places?

I want to stop thinking of the time we spent together

Your love is like the ocean as it crashes on the shore
It's like a slap in the face when you tell me we can be no more

The tears are everlasting

Hello there it’s been a while,
Were you mad that I was gone?
Your spirit seems to make me smile,
I hope we did not lose our bound.

This game has never been so intense
I can feel the pain throughout my entire being
I wanna win but I hate this suspense
I play so fast that you don't even know what youre seeing

I wake up to a winterwonderland
School is cancelled for the day
You come to me and I take your hand
Let's build a snowman I say

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Joy And Pain

Waking up every morning with a giant smile on your face
But I can’t help but think that you’re lost without a trace

Laughing at everyone’s jokes even if they aren’t funny
You think everyone is fooled but you are so wrong honey

Holding back the tears that are soon to leave your eyes
Smiling even harder and I’m not really surprised

You put on all the makeup so no one sees the real you
No one really knows it but inside you are so blue

Wanting a friend to talk to that’s all you really needed
To your music that’s where you retreated

Singing your heart out that’s when everyone saw your pain
Then people started to comfort you but you had to be so vain

Saying nothing was wrong and being one-hundred percent fake
Lying to everyone you cared for that was your worst mistake

Now you are one of the loneliest people I know
Who you really were was all you really had to show

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Colin Coplin 05 December 2010

'Friends' Well said and concise. Good work

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Dr John 05 September 2010

You are a talented writer.

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