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Peace Of Mind

The messages tell me sooner,

then my mind, it keeps on going low and lower.


Why must he look at me that way?
Doesn't he know it's rude to stare?
I'm nothing special, so why do they stare?
Did I do something?


The mountains are always high.
Laughing, I am so small to them.
They look down on me with disgust.
Rolling their eyes as I build my way up.


I stop to think every once in awhile.
I wish I wouldn't.
You wonder why I don't have many friends.
Why, I block everyone out.

I Cannot

I do not weep for people,
I cannot be in their shoes,
I cannot make it go away,
I cannot hold you up,

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03 March 2016

The way to learn is not with our brains, but with our eyes, hands, and ears.

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Prof Manu Mangattu 04 April 2016

Strongly disagree that you are just another girl, For, such skill and passion is truly rare, unseen! Reading your poems, the reader is on a whirl, Well, keep writing dear Rebecca Springsteen! !

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Just a girl who loves to write poetry!
She loves animals, learning, and of course poetry!

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