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Some of my poems might seem really depressing. I'm not at all like that, i just have a really active imagination and I hear too much bad stuff on the news!

I do write happy and random stuff as well, and hopefully soon i'll get them online

I get most of my inspiration from the news, or rumours I hear etc. sometimes I'll use a story (like love ...

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I Told You Ropes Were Useful

she was hanging from the treetop,
whilst writing her goodbyes.
with her head facing toward the wind,
and the sunset in her eyes.

He blackened soul was broken,
and her soul was withered smoke.
an invisible noose was round her neck,
as she began to choke.

then one last sigh escaped her lungs
as she took her final breath
and then she stared straight in the face
of her impending death

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Rebecca Wright Popularity

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