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I walked the shore one lonesome night;
a shore so far from your embrace.
I heard the waves lap at the shore
and heard the voice of the sweetly singing sea.

There is a big black stone
on my chest
that keeps growing heavier.
I thought I was free

There’s a constant rumble
To the pounding beat
Of the people’s hearts
As the rhythm of the street.

I buried your heart
one fine spring day
and planted
a sighing rose

Children are the wind,
gone so soon,
but pleasant and lovely,
like the light of the moon.

It rains in my heart
like it rains on my window.
Cold glass
being beaten down

The road is narrow,
the pavement cracked.
I'm still enamored
with it's mosaic of grey

I feel a calm panic,
a sort of trapped fear,
driving particular small town streets
late at night.

What is beauty?
Where is
that strangling nymph
that so many men

The snow drifts down,
blue, white,
glassy on the tree branches-
The snow makes rhythm


I'm here again,
but I am not afraid,
not any more.
This place

I recognize these marks,
marks of that dark magic I knew so well,
and have learned to fear.
Suddenly the life around me is still.

It’s something like a fire,
Consuming and burning.
It’s something like a flower
Blooming and wilting in its time.

She has strength
and beauty.
she is blue sapphire
of clear glass falls.

The water falls from my hair
with a steady, smooth,
drip, drip, drip.
It's a cool feeling on my skin

In the golden spring of dawn
the Winter cracks in my memory.
The night air is still chilling
the last of the Spring's morning melody.


In the darkest parts of night
I heard a heart
that sang a song like mine.
I housed it in an airy house

This world is not so dark anymore;
you have been my lamp.
The sun is not so harsh anymore.
You are the beauty in the rain, in the snow.

The rain falls on the roof
With a sound like comfort,
Steady and strong.
We lay here in bed

Red robes of sorrow,
White in the moonlight;
White rain flesh;
Black soul full of fire;

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I wanted to clarify something. I am not a poet. I'm here hoping to learn from what others have to say. Please criticize me. It's the best way to learn.: -))

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A Solitary Walk

I walked the shore one lonesome night;
a shore so far from your embrace.
I heard the waves lap at the shore
and heard the voice of the sweetly singing sea.
How dark it was; as my world always is
when you are not near to me.
What narrow beam of hallowed light
shown forth from the silent moon!
It comforted me in my despairing solitude
as I knew you may have been looking
at that self-same sky, that self-same moon.
How ancient her comfort is!
How ancient the concept of parted lovers!
I left but a single set
of impressions in the sand,
washing away with the lapping waves.
A solitary set of prints for a solitary heart,
quiet in it's dark encasement;
quiet in desperation for the sound
of singing angels in heaven,
known only to me as your voice!
I walked the shore one lonesome night;
with my eyes dry as the desert,
as they had forgotten how to cry.
In the darkness I could have not been alone,
but garish day had begun to break,
exposing my solitary walk
without the companion of my heart.
I stood and watched as the waves took the prints of my walk,
and saw that no wave could take your prints
left on my heart.

23 February 2oo8

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Amy S 03 March 2008

Well i see your art and now i finally get to read ypur poems... and of course like everything else you do, they're wonderful. I love them!

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