I love you what can I say else
just few words all I know
I don't know how to express
And I can just confess

Greenery is in roots of earth,
outside there is it's dearth.
Rains have ceased to dry,
summers are just passing by.

It was summer when we departed,
Hope this winter we shall again meet
And see that how much cold it is,
when two friends will share a warm breath

Nothing succeeds like success,
nothing fails like failure
All you need is a caress,
prevention is better than cure

Loved I have never,
it happened itself to me ever.
Whether my eyes have something to attract
Whether love has a reason to react

Sending you wishes is a part of my obsession,
which I found in exile
because I couldn't worked out a single smile
For no one but also for me even

Times to be come seems tough,
Roads are going to be rough.
True may be the chances to fall,
It's a challange to climb the wall.

Listen to the silence which yells,
every storm lefts behind a story that tells.
When the land is so dear to the vibrations,
a fear is shrouded over GOD's creations.

Celebrate like the joy of first day of Life

like the rhythm of the first breath felt

i feel twinkling in the starry dazzle of your love

i feel pristine in the greenery of your love

Har tyohaar yahi paigaam le ke aata hai
sukh-sampatti ho zindagi mein khairiyat ho

Mazhab ho koi bas yahi sikhlaataa hai

Its four in the morning and why I'm awake?
Why a healthy sleep I ever refuse to take?
Am I doing something worthy by penning a poem
Or just pretending to think, write and hum

Blessings have depths but no measure
For the hearts benchmark the Silver Treasure
Gatherings of the life that ages earn
Gather on the head with a silvery turn

Blood on the border and floods of limitless shroud
The sea became a shame; harmony is no more a proud

Civilizations has come to the comprehensive worse

Never lose a chance, for a beautiful romance
Play with the pains or take joy to the dance

Mistakes and fouls can bear overhauls

Of whose path one should follow,
that doesn't leave you resent.
Truth is bitter of course to swallow,
but its better than you repent

Drizzling stays on the wind-wings,
a glimpse is all enough of such things.
A slight show by the GOD rain,
the tiresome sun has gonna all vain.

Life is kind
and then life is cruel

It runs no matter how

Coming to you Oh! city of beaches
Ever nice your plesaure when someone reaches

Everyone dreams of the times to visit

Inclination towards astrology with a fear
that the truth may vague of losing the dear

Stars know if you are in my fate


An individual in his 30s with the pursuit of real self, instinctively drew close to poetry and thus turned an amateur writer from an ordinary reader and admirer.

Born to a scholarly father and worldly wise mother, lived a large part of this life of three decades with a happy childhood, a progressive youth, schooling and college.But also seen the thick n thin of life from close quarters in the recent years. As they say, a rough sea makes a good captain. He's living and trying to lead his and his family's life towards a good living.

Recently got married and thus enjoing the bliss of a couple with his beloved wife.


A Love Song

I love you what can I say else
just few words all I know
I don't know how to express
And I can just confess
I love you, I love you

In your arms, I feel warm
that no one can bring me dear
My eyes scream, for your dream
I feel for you are always near

I miss you so, you can't guess
And I can just confess
I love you, I love you

I should not say, get me today
my love is for all my life
What could be else, when this love tells
I smell the sense of this love to ripe

To be with love, I fly all above
True feelings are more, nothing less
And I can just confess
I love you, I love you

I love you what can I say else...


Kali Abyss 08 April 2009

Thanks for the comments on my poems Reetesh Sabr I'll be seeing your work too =)

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