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Regan Meade is a young adult who is aspiring to be an artist in many aspects. She was born fifty miles from the border of Mexico in a small town of Las Cruses, New Mexico. She often spends her time reading many different books from fantasy-fiction to biographical non-fiction. In times of stress (or major cases of writer's block) she draws paints or even takes a walk to get inspiration for her poems, stories, and art work.

Regan Meade Poems

Hidden Sorrow Of An Unknown Teen

I smile as the blood runs down my arm.

The blood is a mixture of mine and those who have,


A woman's body is her temple,
She should have the right to do with it as she pleases,
No man should tell a woman that she should give up a life she wants to keep.


A bloody battle.
So many casualties.
Rage against the other color.
One a born bred fighter, the other a peacemaker with a split personality.


Alone is what I will be
I'm always alone never being able to see the light of life.
Never to see the light of day again.
I'll always be alone

I Am...

I am the quiet sigh of the wind
I am the temper of the flickering flame,
I am a lioness fierce and strong
I am a child of our mother Earth.

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You have wonderful poems to share. Keep sharing your beautiful and meaningful poems

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