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Standing under the willow tree
Closed eyes, arms wrapped around me

Violent winds and dark clouds
sorrow so deep like fallen trees in ditch steep
rocking and stumbling in the darkness deep
loosing loved ones in short space of time

Moon, roses and stars

Everything be there in full swing

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Footsteps Of Wind

Standing under the willow tree
Closed eyes, arms wrapped around me
Sensing the gentle caressing of wind
I hear the voice of falling leaves
Wisper in my ears!
Who is coming!
Who is this earth waitng to hear!
Who is the fragrance searching to chase!
Who is the morning dew crying for!
Look! Look at these beautiful pretty flowers!
They are all set to smile
Ready for the moment
To greet someone
Every day and night
Awaken, to meet
That someone who never arrives
The falling leaves keep asking me
Does he ever hear the footsteps of wind?

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Afzal Shauq 24 October 2009

Rehana Nazli, a prominent name in poetry as i know her.. her poetic thoughts are mostly based on her past memories but the diction is addressing soem one she may knows but hidden to readers... this style of writing makes her unique while the romantic way of her expressions is heartfeeling, soul touching and ego knocking too.. what I like in her poetry is reality based romance... in some of her poems she seems getting cold sighs of sorrow..whom she is addressing may belong to her her innerself world or she herslf even. Innovation is found in her poetry too. heart to heart communicating words passion and disclosing of hidden invisible faces of her memories is her feeling based intention.. I being her poetry friend respect her very much and pray for her and wish if the missing smiles are return back to her... bst of luck Nazli......yours afzal shauq

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Rehana Nazli 27 September 2009

Dr.subhendu Kar (Bhubaneswar (orissa) India; Male; 49) To: Rehana Nazli Date Time: 9/27/2009 2: 29: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00) Subject: hello, Dear Rahana really enlightened by the gleams of scholastic erudition that elicits ur unequaled beauty of talents revered by aura of wisdom, the way u comment is most exotic yet exhilarating and i do adore, admire and honor ur brilliant analysis, simply i love it..........having such appreciation, awe-inspiring by soul... yes honored friend Rahana, i must ur poetics soon......... wish u all the best of love and peace with warmest regards subhendu

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Sahar Sahar 26 September 2009

She is able to give delicacy of female touch to poem..... perspectives and themes given by her are mature, and she is with aims of a sensitive woman, whose individual perceptions are comprehensive and exuberant with collective vision of innovative and throbbing mind......

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