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When the slow day,
awakening me,
from memories of you,
that haunt me,

it goes through me

like a sword

How long it took,
from ripen to fall,
when i seeded a stare in your eyes, , .
kissing the sky, while riding the clouds,

You are still,
loved, and in my dreams,
susceptible to haze of dusts and smokes,
Converged to black holes,

This day.........,
Is not like other days,
I am thinking you,
In some different ways,

Can you,
what you have done, ,
with me,

You dumped me,
in soil of miseries,
I proliferated to green,
look back at me,

If you love me,
Come to my world,
and see your beloved,
with eyes of springs,

changing lanes,
Just with one click,
One trick,
one slip,


My honour withers,
In autumn of your insincerities,
and my colours vanish,
In fates of your desertion,

The world is never devoid of,
milk of humanitarian affection,
Hearts find,
Eternal attraction,

When night gets deep,
and when i feel that,
You are not mine,
I want my loneliness,

I am your shadow,
If you want to know,,
Like a star at noon,

When it was like a falling leave,
I remember, that goodbye,
The tears moved on,
my chilled cheeks,


When i suffered from disappointments,
You was not there to face me,
And you was hiding, like an enemy,
A traitor with chain of promises,

You an instantaneous spark,
While i am a persistant notion,
Staying on minds,
An intruded impact,

I was looking in the mirror,
and remembering you,
i was looking different,
fresh and somewhat new,

There is a weird echo in her words,
an utterance with broken wings,
Crawling to soar,
but futile gesture to capture,

if there were warm shoes,
on slow winter road,
sparkly glimpse,
of snow could,

Why i think,
that you are mine? ,
you are part of my dreams,
you will be living with me,

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Just taking keen interests in poetry, i hope that i will be able to write in a better way.)

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Your Memories

When the slow day,
awakening me,
from memories of you,
that haunt me,
In my day dreams,
I feel your presence,
in my shadows,
like your soul,
coming down,
from the clouds,
and sliding from my side,
like flavours of,
ripening fruits of love,
i feel the life, glowing,
before my eyes,

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Afzal Shauq 03 July 2010

dear sahar is the one who is more than a good poet..a good and kind friend and fair and committed girl with all her humnitarion qualities.. thats why what she writes relates to her heart and she respect the value of words and its importance...and use selected words being my favorite poet.. her poetry is always making me inspire.. i love her ideas and the innovative wauy of her poetic expressions and the compisition of her words and verses are remarkable and upto the mark and soul hugging ones... i pray for her long and happy life..she is matchless being my best friend....afzal shauq

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I remember you told me that you win always.Your poems are great keep it up sister.

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Rehana Nazli 09 January 2010

You write heartfelt poetry that reflects your sensitivty to life experiences.

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Jerry Hughes 08 January 2010

Two things going for you Sahar, good writing and magnificent looking. Lucky you....

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