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Just taking keen interests in poetry, i hope that i will be able to write in a better way.

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Afzal Shauq 03 July 2010

dear sahar is the one who is more than a good poet..a good and kind friend and fair and committed girl with all her humnitarion qualities.. thats why what she writes relates to her heart and she respect the value of words and its importance...and use selected words being my favorite poet.. her poetry is always making me inspire.. i love her ideas and the innovative wauy of her poetic expressions and the compisition of her words and verses are remarkable and upto the mark and soul hugging ones... i pray for her long and happy life..she is matchless being my best friend....afzal shauq

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I remember you told me that you win always.Your poems are great keep it up sister.

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Rehana Nazli 09 January 2010

You write heartfelt poetry that reflects your sensitivty to life experiences.

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Jerry Hughes 08 January 2010

Two things going for you Sahar, good writing and magnificent looking. Lucky you....

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The Best Poem Of Sahar Sahar

Your Memories

When the slow day,
awakening me,
from memories of you,
that haunt me,
In my day dreams,
I feel your presence,
in my shadows,
like your soul,
coming down,
from the clouds,
and sliding from my side,
like flavours of,
ripening fruits of love,
i feel the life, glowing,
before my eyes,

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Sahar Sahar Popularity

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