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Born in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in 1907.
During his brief participation in the surrealist movement, he published with Breton and Eluard the collective work, Ralentir Travaux. He preserved the technique of automatic writing, but only to move beyond it.

In 1934, he gathered all the surrealist poetry of the time under the title " Le Marteau Sans Ma ...

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Fabrizio Frosini 21 January 2016

'' We made our demanding love bleed, Our happiness wrestle each pebble. '' [René Char, 'The Lords Of Maussane'] _________ IN ITALIAN: Abbiamo fatto sanguinare il nostro esigente amore, Facendo lottare la nostra felicità contro ogni inezia.

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The Best Poem Of René Char

Forehead Of The Rose

Despite the open window in the room of long absence, the odor of the rose is still linked with the
breath that was there. Once again we are without previous experience, newcomers, in love. The
rose! The field of its ways would dispel even the effrontery of death. No grating stands in the way.
Desire is alive, an ache in our vaporous foreheads.

One who walks the earth in its rains has nothing to fear from the thorn in places either finished or
unfriendly. But if he stops to commune with himself, woe! Pierced to the quick, he suddenly flies to
ashes, an archer reclaimed by beauty.

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René Char Popularity

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