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Here is a poem for Valentine day..hope some of you will use Valentine Day is around the corner :)

I pick up courage to tell you today,

The life of a leaf is is strange indeed,
starting from the tree to end as if free.
Summer comes and then it is autumn,
allowing it to fall as if from heaven.

Have dreams to make into reality,
use you mind to channel thoughts rightly.
Obstacles, one meets in all walks of life,
learn to deal with them with a laugh and a smile.

My fate for me had ensured,
Traveler's foot and an explorer's galore.
I took a fancy to explore new lands,
My spirit soared for newer plans.

Can you see me, please?
I call out again and again.
There are so many people,
but my cries seem to be in vain.

Death is always watching,
it is bidding its time.
During the day observing,
not stopping even at night time.

Each one of us
Has a higher self
A middle and lower self
As well as an inner self

A girl dressed all in white,
walks alongside the roads every night.
She disappears as soon as the darkness goes,
and as the sun peeps through the clouds.

No one cares for my flowing tears,
My young age and my fears.
A horrible pain is within my soul,
I sleep slowly as a curled up ball.

My childhood days I sometimes remember
those classrooms, staff room and the principal’s chamber
It was so much fun to go to School daily
no tension in life but to play and study

You ask me what is troubling me
what do I keep thinking always.
Just what the future hold for you and me
that's what occupies my mind most days.

See the birds on the trees are free,
to leap and soar into the skies.
Bask in the glory of the sun,
or sit on logs floating downstream.

A new world is being spun for you and me,
a new invisible bond is being created you can see.
Pulling me towards a future I do not know,
fearing barbs of society I cautiously go.

Nature again shows its anger,
making the entire world tremble.
Throwing out the ocean in anger,
covering its path islands and islanders.

1. Feeling trapped in time,
looking to escape the situation.
A frog leaps to freedom.

Spring time see flowers bloom,
spreading fragrance and delight.
To wilt and die after some time,
merging with the earth without a sigh.

Gloomy grey skies turn to a calmer blue,
snow disappears from ground giving a clue.
Winter is going soon this fact is conveyed.
we should welcome spring that is definite.

There is something I have to tell you,
for a minute if you listen I shall tell you.
You seem to be like me it is true,
that is why I like you.

Friendship is an unending ocean,
providing you with serenity.
Friendship is like the light of a beacon,
which shows ships lands not easy to see.

Anna Hazare is known to all
Politicians are scared of his call
An ex-army man of 1965 Indo Pak war
he like Gandhi can gather people from afar

Renu Kakkar Biography

Renu Kakkar is a working mother. She was born in Fazilka (Punjab) India where her father was working as a Professor of History. She grew up in India as well as in Ethiopia and Zambia where her father worked as an Educationist. Her entire school education has been from Chingola in Zambia. Her graduation and post graduation were from Dharmshala and Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, India. She retired from Government Service from the post of Joint Director, DGFT, Department of Commerce in November 2019. 'Granny's Return From Heaven as an Incredible Car' is her first book and is based on a bed time story she coined for her children. The book has a sense of mystery with magic. Its purpose is teaching without preaching. She writes poetry and her poems are at https: // She is a Divine Reiki master and her articles are at http: // She is presently writing a science fiction online novels at https: // will want to publish it as kindle before completing it there. Another online ongoing novel is on past life regression at https: // which she would want to publish on kindle before completing it there.)

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Will You Be My Valentine?

Here is a poem for Valentine day..hope some of you will use Valentine Day is around the corner :)

I pick up courage to tell you today,
that I love you more than I can say.
Love for me is a precious gift,
when I see you, my spirits lift.
Will you be my Valentine?

My love for you is honestly sweet,
I would never ever on you cheat.
Love for me is very precious,
making my smile infectious.
Will you be my Valentine?

Love for me is very gentle,
It's healing it is very sentimental.
Sometimes your leaving me I fear,
at home alone I shed, silent tears.
Will you be my Valentine?

The bond within is very strong,
I know from within that with you I belong.
Please reciprocate the love i have for you,
I am sure this love for you will remain ever true.
Will you truly be my Valentine?

Love works from the core of our hearts,
Our love is such that it lights up like sparks.
Love for us is like seeing northern lights,
Forever a source of delight.
It is divine, will you be my Valentine?

renukakkar 12.2.2012

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Ramanathan 09 January 2020

Poems are excellent.

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