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renu kakkar Poems

1. My Shadow 9/11/2011
2. Time 9/11/2011
3. God The Painter 9/29/2011
4. The Saint Who Came To My House 10/3/2011
5. When My Time Comes To Go Eventually 10/4/2011
6. Haikus-Some More 10/8/2011
7. Decorated With Flowers 10/12/2011
8. Building Dreams Into Reality 11/3/2011
9. How Important Is It To Study? ? 11/5/2011
10. Winter Knocks 11/7/2011
11. Living Life Lifelessly 11/11/2011
12. My Guardian Angel 11/14/2011
13. Strangers Come Into Our Lives After Winning Our Trust 11/15/2011
14. Smile A Little, Happy You Will Be 11/18/2011
15. A Place Of Love 11/20/2011
16. Is It Diwali Or Bankruptcy? 10/21/2011
17. To Live In The Now 10/21/2011
18. For You 12/2/2011
19. The Head Of The Family Is Lazy 12/3/2011
20. Brides And Bridegrooms 12/16/2011
21. Would Never Have Let You Go 12/16/2011
22. Should I Return? 12/28/2011
23. Come Air Please Come To Me Now 1/20/2012
24. What Is Work For Some 1/30/2012
25. Man In The Moon (Chanda Mama) 3/31/2012
26. Why Fret? 7/31/2012
27. A Shooting Star For Me 8/8/2013
28. Crossroads Of Life 3/5/2014
29. Our Passage 6/27/2014
30. Words 8/23/2014
31. Harbingers Of Bad Tidings 10/15/2015
32. My Pondering 3/8/2016
33. Flight Of Fancy 10/18/2016
34. Being Truthful Does Not Gel Today 6/23/2014
35. A Sweet Song Of Love 10/23/2011
36. Thank You, My Dear 10/1/2011
37. You Love Someone Else 10/7/2011
38. A Different Type Of Homework 10/28/2011
39. The Flying Machine 4/21/2012
40. I Will Make You My Destiny 2/23/2012
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Will You Be My Valentine?

Here is a poem for Valentine day..hope some of you will use Valentine Day is around the corner :)

I pick up courage to tell you today,
that I love you more than I can say.
Love for me is a precious gift,
when I see you, my spirits lift.
Will you be my Valentine?

My love for you is honestly sweet,
I would never ever on you cheat.
Love for me is very precious,
making my smile infectious.
Will you be my Valentine?

Love for me is very gentle,
It's healing it is very sentimental.
Sometimes your leaving me I fear,
at home ...

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In Your Memory

My thoughts go to you when I am alone,
a smile lights up my face on its own.
Like a flower bud that is opening,
with great zeal to see what is happening.

You always treated life in a jovial manner,
I start to laugh when I kind of remember.
Upon getting annoyed with you on any discussion,
you'd say you wanted to have with me an altercation.

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