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As the blush of a lovely breast spreads
Harpy eagle's desire hovers over the Tigris river
Taurus rides the high tide of excitement.

Scenes within the limits of vision-
Gardens, flowers and the abstract songs of leaves
Their ways of life
The unseen cover of difference

The old pain in the skull seems to be
heading Kapildanga means
a mound with a high plaque
The mound surrounded by a wall is not far away!

Someday suddenly-
If love comes and says-
How many bundles did you cut?
How many bundles did you tie?

Breeze translates the silence of the gusty forest in Indian oak branch,
Aquatic colors die and fade in the pupil of eyes.
Confused idol lies in the flames of extinguishing light in pathetic temple.
Then what happened today in the dead forest of the mating season?

Fire and surrender

Observing the motion of distant planets
Walking in the path, city and port

Days Go By In The Stream Of Sunlight

Then your falling youth
How pitiful!

And I-
Beyond the forest, beyond the mind
Came over-
Kandapara's field

Leaving very comfortable warmth
I was reluctant to come
Forcefully I have been sent to
The blazing fire of the earthen furnace

It's dawn like every day
Hiding the moon and the stars
A big round sun came up in the blue sky
What a wonderful shiver in the air

The unearthly line of the poem floats-
In the physical happiness of the rod embedded in the rose petals
Lightning flashes.

I wanted to catch him
Only extreme darkness of confusion surrounds
A white screen exists in the background
Blurred forest of Red Sandal wood is on the forehead

Night's Body, Mind,
The steady wind of its melancholy mingled with the violin
Has become the raven of the surreal horizon.

A bear of random thoughts
Weeding in the jute field-
Catches a Rangpur-bus at three in the afternoon!

There are some address, there will be some forever -
Peace and palms of tranquility stay spread
History of quarter century walks on the streets
The Great swan of Ashok pond-

Eyes of the wind knows,
Whose mind has accumulated the sigh of the metamorphosed rock,
Whose heart is eaten by the cruelest time!

If the vulva of darkness is opened -
The redness of the breast searches a needle in the black hole.
Demon's flourish, hag's chant-
Bring desert sands in the lake Baikal

I don't feel good-
This secret message in her thirst region
If continuously drips in the solution-
It drizzles in its sound.

Tearing apart the rope of love -
Sweetheart is avoiding these days
She planted it carefully under my arm-
The huge family of hungry red ants

In the vulnerable morning field
Rare piano music is suddenly bursting forth


Reza Raza Biography

Reza Raza, a Poet, Translator, Physicist and Thinker was born in Manikganj, Bangladesh. He has studied Physics in Dhaka University. He is a bilingual poet. He writes poems both in English and Bengali. He has six books of poetry and he has translated a story book named ' Laughable Loves' by Milan Kundera from English to Bengali and it has been published in Bangladesh. He also has translated a lot of poetry of international poets from English to Bengali.)

The Best Poem Of Reza Raza

Effect Of Redness

As the blush of a lovely breast spreads
Harpy eagle's desire hovers over the Tigris river
Taurus rides the high tide of excitement.

The Cliff gets inundated by huge floods
Turbulent is the danger time boat-
Turning the inkpot upside down-
Principia Mathematica gets blurred
Young sailor is disoriented without a lighthouse
Falling are the rudder and mast on the waves.

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If the poet meditates, poetry is revealed.

To catch poetry, the poet has to keep his conscious antenna up.

Reading good poetry inspires poetry writing!

If the preoccupation with something else increases, the yield of poetry decreases. Poetry demands time, care, meditation and a conscious antenna to catch it.

Good articles on poetry could only be written by good poets.

Poetry is the best and most abstract form of art.

If the poet gets busy with everything except poetry, it will leave him.

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Reza Raza Popularity

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