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Who is Death?
I am death, the killer of giants,
Men and women, young and old

My love for you
Is as strong as the railway track
Each day, holding tons of weight
Yet, unbending and unwavering

My love for you
Is inseparable

Too tight, too close

Let me tell you…
I am the green leaf
The beauty of beauties
I start from gorgeous yellowish green

Better than riches
Wealth without peace
Is but sleepless nights

At a Meeting
I was at a meeting
To develop a community project
A meeting of two confluences


He taught and preached
He did miracles and healed
He raised the dead
He was falsely accused

At the graveyard
To burry an acquaintance,

Recognised the volume of sand

Finished work earlier
Decided to go home for a good rest
Just to have fun
What a joy that could be

Jollof Rice
Splendidly sumptuous
A delight of West Africa
Popular among various races round the world

She has lion's heart
Full of love
I tried to own that heart
But was scared

Do not think of them

Hear not
Fear not
Tear not
Bear not

The rose fragrance
Poured straight into my nose
I posed a picture with it
But Jose gave me a dose

Just at the park
Few doves flew towards me
I opened my hands
Full of nuts

Splendid, sizzling summer
At the overcrowded beach
Loitering, looking and lurking
But she was hustling and bustling

See the shouting teacher,
I think he's shooting at the preacher.

He finds it hard to see the book,

There is but only one creator,
Out of all His wisdom
Created Him, the Heaven and Earth

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Richard is an educationist who also works as a lecturer, writer and versifier. He holds BA Hons in Education and Community Development from the University of East London, MA in Education and International Development from UCL Institute of Education in London and PGCE DTLLS in English from the University of Greenwich, London. His passion is to promote adult education.)

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Who is Death?
I am death, the killer of giants,
Men and women, young and old
Rich and poor
And all living things upon the earth
I am so called that when I enter a house,
Before I come out of that house,
All the people become powerless
Fatherless, motherless, husbandless, wifeless
And again, they share tears a lot
For the opulent, famous and kings
I kick them with my foot
While their wealth become worthless
But Lo!
I'm not death as you often call me
I'm the 'Messenger of God'.
I come to relieve people from old age,
Never ending sickness, suffering and endless agony!

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I love so much even in the deepest of the night and in the rainy rain. My love cost me my all; but I can't harvest love when the other side is void. It made me feel underrated like no one cares.

Never chase an empty love.

Love given, hatred returned.

The world and I prayed the fatal Covid-19 to stop attacking and killing our beloved people; he refused. Come one fateful day, we shall stop and arrest him forever.

In a land of critics, never expose yourself to be critised, create an avenue for them to criticise each other.

Lies, propagandas and build-ups belong to the absent-minded; brain-powers do it differently.

Being jobless does not mean you are worthless; you may worth more than your employer.

If your heart is empty, your stomach shouldn't be empty.

Don't allow anyone to remain a pebble in your shoes

Bent but not broken is the hope for the broken hearted.

He who gives me food is not the one that loves me; he who eats my food is the one that loves me.

He who gobbles never gets full

Propaganda may make you look good, but it will portray your real self at the end; be yourself!

Never stay in the same car with fools; either push them out or let them have it.

If you always listen to fools, it's most likely you turn to a fool!

He who sits under the table, cannot see what is on the table.

I am whom I walk with.

I am harmless, don't be harmful to me!

He who sits under the table cannot see what is on top of it.

To do is today, Tomorrow may never come!

Looking left and right for a misdeed, little did he look upwards.

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Richard Antwi Popularity

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