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Richard is an educationist who also works as a lecturer, writer and versifier.
He holds BA Hons in Education and Community Development from the University of East London, MA in Education and International Development from UCL Institute of Education in London and PGCE DTLLS in English from the University of Greenwich, London.
His passion is to promote adult education.

Richard Antwi Poems


Who is Death?
I am death, the killer of giants,
Men and women, young and old

Love, So Strong

My love for you
Is as strong as the railway track
Each day, holding tons of weight
Yet, unbending and unwavering

My Love For You

My love for you
Is inseparable

Too tight, too close

Peace, Better Than Riches

Better than riches
Wealth without peace
Is but sleepless nights


At the graveyard
To burry an acquaintance,

Recognised the volume of sand

Richard Antwi Quotes

06 July 2020

I love so much even in the deepest of the night and in the rainy rain. My love cost me my all; but I can't harvest love when the other side is void. It made me feel underrated like no one cares.

06 July 2020

Never chase an empty love.

06 July 2020

Love given, hatred returned.

06 July 2020

The world and I prayed the fatal Covid-19 to stop attacking and killing our beloved people; he refused. Come one fateful day, we shall stop and arrest him forever.

08 July 2020

In a land of critics, never expose yourself to be critised, create an avenue for them to criticise each other.

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