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an American novelist, poet, and short story writer. His work often employs black comedy, parody, and satire. He is best known for his 1967 novel Trout Fishing in America.

Early life

Brautigan was born in Tacoma, Washington, the only child to Bernard Frederick "Ben" Brautigan, Jr. (July 29, 1908 – May 27, 1994) a factory worker and laborer, and Lulu Mary "Mary Lou" Keho (April 7, 1911 – September 24, 2005), a waitress. In May 1934, eight months prior to his birth, Bernard and Mary Lou separated. Brautigan said that he met his biological father only twice, though after Brautigan's death, Bernard was said to be unaware that Richard was his child, saying "He's got the same last name, but why would they wait 45 to 50 years to tell me I've got a son?"

In 1938, Brautigan and his mother b ...

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11 November 2014

If you get hung up on everybody else's hang-ups, then the whole world's going to be nothing more than one huge gallows.

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Soran M. H 15 February 2020

Pain, Poverty, Poems had made from Richard a professional writer, who mixed up a joy and satire with seriousness, then put into his works as a precious pieces, to show us what he was learning from a hard life's experiences... most of the modern readers likes his amazing works and his style...

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Vaishnavi 20 February 2019


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Andrea 11 April 2018

by the way i love the poem you made that is called nine things! ! !

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Andrea 11 April 2018

do you have an idea about a (just because poem) please because i need some ideas about a just because poem?

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A. Michael Sears 13 January 2006

For some reason they have left off possibly my favorite Brautigan poem: I Cannot Answer You Tonight in Small Portions I cannot answer you tonight in small portions. Torn apart by stormy loves gate, I float like a phantom facedown in a well where the cold dark water reflects vague half-built stars and trades all our affection, touching, sleeping together for tribunal distance standing like a drowned train just beyond a pile of Eskimo skeletons. From 'The Pill v. the Springhill Mine Disaster.'

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The Best Poem Of Richard Brautigan

Love Poem

It's so nice
to wake up in the morning
all alone
and not have to tell somebody
you love them
when you don't love them
any more.

Richard Brautigan Popularity

Richard Brautigan Popularity

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