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I am the Easter Bunny,
I really do exist,
And if you think that’s funny,
I’ll smash you with my fist.

I like spiders!
They live by eating flies,
And other buzzing critters
With giant, compound eyes.

In ancient times, before our days,
From schools of learning far away,
Wise teachers taught the world was flat,
And few would dare to question that,

Write about what you know:
Beautiful, bright blue roses singing ballads,
Angry pink puff adders printing pamphlets,
The ringing echoes of exploding stars,

Duck you fool!
The ducks are coming in low!
Isn't that just ducky.
But, 'Why a duck? '

The first mosquito
Of Spring
Showed up today,
Harbinger of muggy mornings,

Frozen chicken
Sitting calmly
In my freezer.
I envy

One day,
The so-called Laws of the Universe
Decided to go on vacation,
Having found their predictability

I am my choices,
He said with fierce pride,
And listened to the voices
That served him as his guide.

The sun jumped up
Over the horizon
Gazing on the jangled
Web of confusion


Flows coldly
Hardening icicle

They don’t read the news.
They’ve never researched among the learned in great universities.
They do not study the holy books of any faith

In the beginning
There was this great Void;
This Void was beyond
Matter, energy, time, space, magnitude,

I tried to write a poem
Filled with deep and meaningful adjectives.
When I opened my dictionary,
To wake the sleeping words,

Fragged by the dull incessant din,
Of the modernfecebabble,
Spluttered out with fetid grin,
By megamaggot sewerabble.

In the grizzled gray
Of a late autumn afternoon
The woolen sky dumps gloom
In a stiff martial way

From the blue sky, pale but fair,
In the listless humid air,
Swells a distant, slate-gray row,
Angry mountains roll and grow,

At the end of this game
I’m supposed to
Head toward a light
And slide down some tunnel

Richard Dates Biography

I have been a teacher for many years. I previously taught in the Chicago area and now teach in New Mexico and have also been active in poetry groups and performance poetry in both areas. I write many types of poetry. Some is quite serious, while much of my work is meant to be humorous and sometimes provocative.)

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I Am The Easter Bunny

I am the Easter Bunny,
I really do exist,
And if you think that’s funny,
I’ll smash you with my fist.

I am the Easter Bunny,
And I come around in Spring,
When it gets warm and sunny,
And the birds begin to sing.

I am the Easter Bunny,
And I loath those little birds,
With eggs so gross and runny,
I hate them beyond words.

I am the Easter Bunny,
And I have a habit strange,
I like to take those slimy eggs,
And boil them on my range.

I am the Easter Bunny,
But I’m an herbivore,
So I take those crummy hard-boiled eggs,
And leave them at your door.

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