Richard George Poems

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Eclipse: A Haiku Sequence

at first, sunlight changing; then
dusky, or faded,

Sylvia Plath's Cats

Their breath was clean, or harsh and sour
according to her moods:
and when they sensed a coming storm
they crept into corners.

A Walking Sadness

The Euston Road. April. Night.
Of all these London numberless
I love one:
my old shoes pound her name,

Alcohol Anonymous

I am a clever enemy.
I am always one step up on you:
when you say two, I am three, and four.
I always have the right excuse,

After An Exam

Finished! So has she,
With ages left to go:
We sweep our desks, and chase each other

On A Dead Cat In A Skip In Luton

Not a cream saucer
to top to the tightrope-
brim or a bowl for Supameat.

Marie Celeste

Now I may never see you again
I can think of no one else:
I wait on platforms, hair in the wind
But trains all leave the past

Sunset's Ghost

Lilac clouds, a wash of green
At daylight's end:
When west is dark, to northward
A heat-haze aurora

Hogg And Hanlon And Me

Three mature students
in decrepit Barbour jackets;
Judes obscure, each with an
implausible route to Oxford.

Halcyon And After

It was May or June, I met you:

Business, something or other.

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