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I was educated at Oxford University, reading Latin and Greek at The Queen's College. The college's outstanding poet is Ernest Dowson.

I was awarded a Doctorate on the Roman epigrammatist Martial in 1994.

The following year I had a breakdown and had to abandon the academic life. The year after that the Muses came. Nothing has been ...

Richard George Comments 29 June 2018

Please would you tell me in which book is your poem “ The mermaid of... “ is published. Thank you.

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Joachim Ruf 29 June 2018

I want to know more about the author Richard George. Thanks

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Pradeep Dhavakumar 01 May 2005

Your poems are very good.I enjoyed most of them.Thanks for sharing.And Keep writing.

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***** ***** 19 April 2005

You are delivering some very nice work at the moment Richard, well done and keep posting, Sxx

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***** ***** 15 April 2005

Your poetry is really touching, but so sad, so final.. I hope everything is okay with you, Sx

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The Best Poem Of Richard George

Eclipse: A Haiku Sequence

at first, sunlight changing; then
dusky, or faded,

filter on the lens
encroaching, sky blue into
grey, then grey-lilac,

colours blur, textures,
shadows cast paler, out of
focus, sudden cold

strikes us uneasy,
half moon sun on leaves jangles
crescent reflections,

dragonflies hawk the
gloom, birds on their way homewards,
green murk of low cloud


and back, like a switch,
heavens as dawn six o'clock,
luminous, bleary -

to morning of mornings
and washed-lucid consciousness
reborn we awake

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Richard George Popularity

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