A Solitary Life Poem by Richard Lackman

A Solitary Life

Rating: 5.0

How is it at the age of sixty I am still alone
Each day walking, eating, sleeping always on my own
How did I miss the partnership that most of us attain
My only walking partner seems to be my walking cane

I never had that many friends; I never quite fit in
Was never picked when picking sides by those who liked to win
I was more a quiet person sitting by myself
Never in the foreground like a book back on the shelf

And yet I have my attributes; I’m not a total bore
I do love writing poetry, whoever it is for
I like to walk and ride a bike and fish along a lake
I drink red wine on holidays and always like a cake

And yet I guess that’s not enough to occupy a spouse
Not enough for me to share my life or share my house
So I must trudge on silently and always all alone
Traveling a path that is uncertain and unknown
Towards a final victory or just a final end
Which may be years away or simply right around the bend

Either way I’ll look back on my life and know I had
A wonderful existence as a man and as a lad
I’ll look back on my solitary life and yes I’ll see
That life for me was more than prose; was more like poetry

Joseph Anderson 25 September 2013

You apparently have had a very meaningful life as you so aptly expressed it. Stay with the poetrt, you are doing great

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Connie Erickson Rempel 27 December 2020

Very beautiful! I can feel for him now after my husband died, but don't feel you are alone as God will sustain

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Deb Strauss 09 September 2015

"That life for me was more than prose; was more like poetry" -beautiful line

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Christopher Apostolos 20 May 2014

Very well written Doc, love how it flows just perfectly.

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Love of life and leading a perfect life is the luck one get in human life. The poet selected a solitary life in private life which he is contented that is all. Very nice expression of good feelings and confidence as well.

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Valerie Dohren 01 October 2013

I'm sure you are not alone Dick, you are a happy and fulfilled soul I believe. Very well written as always.

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