Richard Netherland Cook Poems

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You can't pursue happiness and catch it;
Happiness does not depend or start
With what happens outside of you,

The Journey Of Life

The journey of life is just a path.
On earth to lead our way,
A place to stop and rest awaile,
For we were never meant to stay.

The Old Barn

The old barn now stands deserted,
Down next to the water well,
Alone in a field of grass and weed,
By the old sign that says, 'For Sale'.

The Front Porch Swing

Sitting in the front porch swing,
With a cool wind in your face,
Can cause one to dream.
Of another time and place.

Dear Mom And Dad

Our hearts are sad and empty
Since you went away
The sadness stays within us
With every passing day.

A Band Of Brothers

They are a band of brother's,
Who risk their lives for others,
They who choose to answer the call,
Stand up for country and give their all.

Those Little Eyes

Little eyes are watching you
Each and every day,
And little ears are listening too
Every word you say.

Golden Daffodil's

Oh, what joy my eyes behold
To see such beauty there unfold,
And my heart with pleasure fills
When sun from ebbing winter days

My Sad Heart

I went out to the sea
And sat there by the shore
Among the cragged rocks and sand,
And all the ocean roar.

To Reach A Far Off Shore

I sailed upon the sea of life
In the year Nineteen Hundred and Thirty Four
Bound for places far from home,
And steered a course yet unknown