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And She Wonders...

And she wonders religion, and she wonders spirit and she wonders magic and
she wonders mystic - trying desperate - to escape outside of self - to
think from a cat view and fly from an eagle view, to abandon humanity,
to look out on it stretched cross Wyoming wide stars and down upon it from afar,


Blood red wounds wept for this world,
The season of hope unfurls.
Though solution claws up from knotted belly,
Bleak emptiness drains me still,

Autobiography Of Death

Cold winter's white blanket has bled grey-black from Jersey's sooty shores,
Here 'neath shadows of Wall Street's towered sky,
Here in Richmond, where ne'er he lived,
Here his aspirations lay lifeless,

Interpretations Of Heard Silence

In all life's ways she's back, that voice is back, as truth drifts back, all these paths which they'd wandered and dreamt upon turn back - Now unveiling through blanker verses of death's book, Now revealing as unborn artists look, Now concealing through these shattered shadowed lights of the vortexed color bar in a rainbowed void and so to reveal it that now it is back

Paradox of paradoxes whilst the voice chimes hollowed back though voice itself quieter contained, confined within verbal-lined visions of what? A Silent Echo, better still-

Reflections On A Friend

Steady sounding of heart suddenly syncopated,
Now faint,
‘til still.

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15 October 2019

Dark Voices, Exorcise, Dark Deeds.

15 October 2019

We are each other's angels, Dispelling myths of darkness, Illuminating paths of transcendence.

15 October 2019

The next book rough whispers through the sharp mental distance, 'Begin.'

17 October 2019

A silence whispers artists to transcendence, They answer in martyrdom of self Until...The Silence Echoes.

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Richard Weissman

In 2000, Richard Weissman’s theatrical play, “The Healing” was selected by Abdingdon Theatre for a staged reading Off-Broadway in 2000.
Richard is the author of two Wiley Trading titles. His second book, Trade Like a Casino was selected as a Finalist for the 2012 Techn ...

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