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(Utilitarian Poem)

Avaunt fears that keep on stalking me,
creeping under my bed as I think

I can hear my heartbeats
while I examine myself consciously
existing in this round world

The cracks, covered by dust on the road,
Where my feet are taking now,
Lead me to two different familiar paths,
Paths that have their own beauty and darkness

The wings of my dreams start to weaken.
Before, they were wings of a ravenous Eagle
That used to fly my soul to the vast blue sky,
But now they have turned to a crippled wings of a wounded Dove

Love can be imperfectly imagined
With perfectly imperfect face:
With nourished dark brows
Above the hazel-brown eyes

My soul's voice is cold,
Heart is raining blood,
Mind is getting ready to explode like thunder.
Tears slowly pour down

I am the cold and dark side of the world,
Deprived of the warm rays of sunlight.
You are the dazzling crescent moon,
Staying up with me all night long.

Memories are running water in the river
That flows away with it's melancholic trickles.
They were once in front of my eyes,
But with just a blink of my teary eye

I see you looking for the tiny spark of light
While you groping in the dark,
I badly want to help you find the light
I know that you're avoiding the fire from my heart,

As the cheap hands
Of my Divisoria wristwatch
The point at the numbers
Where my right foot stepped in

Hearts here,
Hearts there,
Hearts everywhere.
Boxed in a cage of ignorance,

My feet alternate forward rapidly
On a green field adorned with blooming 'Sampaguitas',
After an ululating storm
Have swept my innocence and peace,

(Ethical Poem)

Staring at the broken mirror covered with blood
I saw an imperfect image of myself.

Sitting alone by the lakeside
I was cocooned by the solace of the wind
As it whispers to me the sweet memories of the past,
That passes through the dancing Bamboo

Lying on my warm bed
Beside the window at midnight,
I watched the full bloom of the moon
That shines on my wide-open eyes.

I feel chained by this waking-up routine of agony,
I was haunted by my nightmares,
Watching you leave me behind

Avaunt silhouette of fear that keeps bothering me
As I sit alone along the beach of Balingasag,
Watching the sun waves goodbye as it hugs
The line where the sea and sky meet.

In pain and deep anguish,
I sit alone by the lakeside,
But all I can do is wash
My own bloody hands and wounded side

(Poem Against Absolutism)

Rough and thick old rope of rigid morality
Grips around my soul's neck,

(a poem dedicated to John Locke)

Avant shadows of pride,
lurking behind my head,

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Stuart Mill's Whisper In The Cold Wind Of Tagaytay

(Utilitarian Poem)

Avaunt fears that keep on stalking me,
creeping under my bed as I think
of the horror of yesterday!

The cold wind from Taal Lake
that passes through the sweet scent of pines
of the chilling City of Tagaytay
keeps on bringing the guilt of selfish desires.

I have wept and mourned over them
under my thin blue blanket
as I try to conceal my wailing and cries
with my consoling pillows.

Did I push my self too much,
to be treated like the demon
that I use to hide in the dark confinement of my soul?
The whisper of John Stuart Mill,
in the wind of the cold night,
speaks so loud of the mesmeric morality:
'don't mind the pain that your plans will cause you,
think of how the people you love will move on and grow! '

I'll let them borrow the warm of my pillow and blankets
as I shiver in the cold wind of Tagaytay.
I'll let them use the medicine for colds and cough
that I bought for myself
for them to avoid the sickness that now I have.

I just don't want to be bothered again
by the stories of the cold wind
therefore, I'll be more selfless now.

I'll prioritize their happiness of them now.
I'll be mindful of my thoughts and actions
so as not to cause trouble for anyone.

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