Rinku Tiwari Poems

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Value Of Time

To realize the value of an year,
Ask a student who failed in the exam.
To realize the value of a month,
Ask a mother how she spends the first month with her child.

Save The Earth

Aren't we destroying the Earth?
Why? Why are we destroying?
God has given this gift.
It's a supreme gift that,

Am I Alone?

Am I alone?
The beautiful world I have,
The trees, Animal,
The wind,

All About Your Tension

The moment you are in tension,
You will loose your attention,
You are in total confusion,
You will feel irritation,

Being Alone

Alone you are born,
Alone you'll die,
Alone your thoughts may rise high.
Alone you struggle with fate,


Rain is falling, rain is falling.
All run home, all run home.
The dogs, birds and cats -
All are running home.

Read And Play

Always reading and reading,
Can be so boring!
Mummy says to read and write - -
Classes, tuitions - a schedule very tight.

मुझे पता नहीं

मैं आज कहाँ गया
मुझे पता नहीं,
मैं गया कश्मीर या हिमालय,
क्या मैं है रोया,

A Dream

I ran after a dream;
Do not let this be true or not,
Deep in the heart of hope burning,
I am going away;

My Grandmother

I have a grandmother,
The best in the world,
She cooks me good food,
And tells of stories,

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