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To realize the value of an year,
Ask a student who failed in the exam.
To realize the value of a month,
Ask a mother how she spends the first month with her child.

Aren't we destroying the Earth?
Why? Why are we destroying?
God has given this gift.
It's a supreme gift that,

Am I alone?
The beautiful world I have,
The trees, Animal,
The wind,

The moment you are in tension,
You will loose your attention,
You are in total confusion,
You will feel irritation,

Alone you are born,
Alone you'll die,
Alone your thoughts may rise high.
Alone you struggle with fate,


Rain is falling, rain is falling.
All run home, all run home.
The dogs, birds and cats -
All are running home.

Always reading and reading,
Can be so boring!
Mummy says to read and write - -
Classes, tuitions - a schedule very tight.

मैं आज कहाँ गया
मुझे पता नहीं,
मैं गया कश्मीर या हिमालय,
क्या मैं है रोया,

I ran after a dream;
Do not let this be true or not,
Deep in the heart of hope burning,
I am going away;

I have a grandmother,
The best in the world,
She cooks me good food,
And tells of stories,

You are as sweet as purple
As sour as yellow
As jolly as gold
as jealous as green.

It is said that
Friendship is a bond of,
Love and trust,
It can be gained by

It is unknown.
For who knows
What would happen
In the next moment?


I have a little shadow
That goes in and out with me
And what can be the use of him
Is more than i can see

You love someone else
If someone else wants you
Someone like you
 If someone asks you

A smart and really good teacher
Should be a good guide, not a preacher.
She’d open each mind
Therein treasures to find;

चंचल है मेरा मन
फिर भी है शुन्य समान
रुकता नहीं कभी
शांत नहीं रहने देता कभी


I am alone this night
None i see on my side
how do I spent time?
I do not know

The Shadow of Parent
No one see this
Neither explain nor express
It is just a Feeling


You are hated...
You are unexpected....
Your presence is for you great...
You may laugh, but we get wet

Rinku Tiwari Biography

Hay I am Rinku, was born in 18th June 1990 at Hojai, which in Assam state of India. My father name is Mohan Tiwari, is a priest. I competed B.COM from Guahati University in 2012. I often write poems about Love, relationships, dreams, life, Natural and today's world. I often get inspired people around me, books etc...)

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Value Of Time

To realize the value of an year,
Ask a student who failed in the exam.
To realize the value of a month,
Ask a mother how she spends the first month with her child.
To realize the value of a week,
Ask a patient how he recovers from his illness.
To realize the value of an hour,
Ask a student who missed the class.
To realize the value of a minute,
Ask a person who missed the train.
To realize the value of a second,
Ask a person who saved you from an accident.
To realize the value of a millisecond,
Ask a person who has won the medal in the competition.

Rinku Tiwari Comments

Rinku Tiwari is a talented poet. But he need to improve his language skills and vocabulary.

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Rajnish Manga 12 December 2017

It has been a very satisfying session- reading poems of Rinku Tiwari. He is really a gifted poet. His love of nature and study of human nature is abundantly reflected in his poetry. Wishing him all the best.

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Vikram Kumar 26 July 2012

very nice poems. when i read the poems i feel that it become real

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Rinku Tiwari Quotes

Believes in God who lives in your body

जब तक मनुष्य के शरीर मे प्राण है तब तक वह धर्माधर्म का विचार करता है, जब प्राणांत होने पर मृत शरीर केवल भोजन के लिए होता हैं।

स्वास का लेना ही जीवन है स्वास का छोड़ना ही मृत्यु ।

Never see with open eyes see with open mind.

Rinku Tiwari Popularity

Rinku Tiwari Popularity

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