rio monica canlas

rio monica canlas

Kabacan, Cotabato, Philippines
rio monica canlas
Kabacan, Cotabato, Philippines
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I Was, I Am And I Will Be

I was the girl at the terrace
Playing my guitar while I reminisce,
Tears were falling
But nobody seems to notice,

Grateful Daughter

You wake up early, every morning
To assist us in everything;
To touch us with your caring hand
And kiss us before you see us gone.

My Star

As I look up into the sky
I always ask myself, why?
I can stare at you for a long time
And how you make me feel high…


I waited from sunrise to sunset,
While enjoying the tranquility beset.
Cool breeze gently pats my skin,
Embracing myself, looking blankly, seeing nothing.

I Miss You

Already I’m missin’ you
Before you left, but what can I do?
I can’t help myself from feelin’ so blue
Though I know I will still be seeing you,

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