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Have you ever asked yourself 'What color is love? '
Some would say it is white,
Because a dove is the sign of love, and they are white.

One night a man had a dream. He dreamed
he was walking along the beach with the LORD.

How many times have you passed that homeless guy?
The one who acts like all he wants to do is die,
He has nothing to sell,
But even if he did you would not buy.

Happy Graduation Day,
And what better nation is there than America for Graduation,
Let's celebrate in any and every way.

Why it is some people abuse their animals.
Some treat them like kids misuse their toys.
Others treat them kind, but refuse to defend other animals.
Can't you see, it does not matter whose they are,

I, the Lord of sea and sky,
I have heard my people cry.
All who dwell in dark and sin,
My hand will save.

There once was a child, who was mistreated,
She was taken by the state, and her mom was defeated in court.
She went to live with a loving family, where she felt needed,
And one day she asked 'What is love? '

Christmas is the day Jesus was born in a manger,
Before he was born we were all in some real danger,
We sinned and still sin, to often without care,
So Christ died to give as all a share of him.

A thyroid is a place in the throat.
It seams to be the remote,
To many hormones to be released.

We are sisters by heart,
And you got to know that though we argue-
I love you and it has improved since the start, and I would like to say thanks for helping me

I love God, I really do
and I hope he can see I am sincere
I hope he knows I am being true.
But sometimes it is hard

We are our God's people and children we know...
For in everyone he shall run the show.
The good and bad the evil and the wicked....
Should not be so misunderstanding.

Even if she is not a real sister to me,
And even if she was not around to see me get awards and graduate,
She is like a sister to me, teaching me to cook,
She always cares if I ate that day or not.

A lot of people claim they are a true friend,
But many just want something, so they pretend
However, a true friend will love you without any end.

Hard times will, so will good,
But they are never forever lasting,
Even when we think they should be.
Friends will come and in the end they will go,

We reunite in the night,
But by the day are sight for everyone we love can go astray.
If we love them, in our hearts they will stay.
But people often overlook one thing,

They die,
they cry,
but no one seams to listen.
This war needs to end,

Oh, how long shall we wait to see him,
many ask this but many do not think what if he is not late...
We just do not want to face that if he came down today....
We would not be ready, some would be cheating on their mate.

What is there left to do,
We are entering a year so new,
But a lot of people are feeling blue,
Some because of deaths in the family,

You make it so hard on yourself
But theres nobody else
That could ever understand
The feelings that you felt

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What Color Is Love

Have you ever asked yourself 'What color is love? '
Some would say it is white,
Because a dove is the sign of love, and they are white.

Some would say it is red,
Because when you visualize your heart it is red,
And lies in a bed of blood.

Some would say it is green,
Because Mother Nature is green, and she is love,
That is why we have veggies like green beans.

The truth is we do not know what color love is,
It comes in many forms,
From Tough Love that calls a blow,
To sweet love that holds you when the tears flow.

No one ever thinks that a crow could be love,
Partly because it is black, not white like a dove.
We should love everyone whether friend or foe,
But often what we should do,
Is not what we would do.

So I ask you my friend,
How do you know?
Just what color love is, or in whom it can flow.
Love is something anyone can have, and over time it will grow,
And one day, when someone needs it, it will glow.

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