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let me fade away

let me die

Rain, rain, go away,
Because of you the pain will stay.
Slit my throat, cut out my heart,
Leave me here, tear it apart.

you took my breathe away,
made my heart beat twice as fast
made me smile,
now look what you did

You knew what i felt
you knew what YOU felt
and still you decide to stay
until the day, which is today.

It's hard to believe when you hurting inside,

It's hard to laugh when really you want to cry.

You are my angel.
You are my dreams.
You are my life.
You shelter me from my fears,

why why why did you break my heart girl i hide in darkness in my little coner razor blades all around me i cut my wirst watch blood run down my arm. i cry till i have no more tears cry someone please help me i have no heart no soul blood covering my wirst.
i loved you! !
look what you did to me broke my heart
your the only one that can fix my heart

i hear the floor creek closer and closer towards my bedroom door i try to stay quiet hiding under the covers through i now he will find me. i hope he does'nt here my heartbeat or hear me praying god for him protect me tonight. but as i do i start cry because i know tonight's one of those nights when god just does'nt hear me i let one sob and the door swings open hallway light shines in but darkness radaites off him so strong he has a smile on his face nothing will stop him i can't even defend myself he gets on top of me holding me down as i try to run away he me back covering my mouth i am scared to breathe a few weeks pass by i hear him moaning my name while stumbling around the house closer he walking towards me now he is on my bed and he touches me i being cry as wonder is god tonight.
this time i fight back i yell i ry somebody please help me but he has way shut me up i do everything i can to make him lose grip he's hurting me so bad but will not let me go no! ! ! ! he will not let me go not until he is finshed he leaves me lying there to think of what i have ' i am sorry is not enough he doesn't even realize what it has cost another few weeks pass by the shame keeps getting worse to afraid to tell though it's so hard to hide this pain day after day i must have been bad that night i hear him coming closer as i'm lying on floor lord i would do anything if you would keep him from walking through the door but he does i finally realize i am all alone no to protect who can save me lie back down to take it but he throws me on ed and me revile my worst frears when i just want to be dead. i dont want kill myself i just want to die god, why you abanded me can you see that tears i cry i can still feel you touching me grabbing me forcing my body closer to the feelings of cold fingers all over me constly try to wash away from my scars skin since that night i live my in fear your the rason i love you too easily why i cannot love all becuase i trusted you can no longer trust you at all because you the pain i hould inside yu will never know they will understand that my scars on my ar reason even begin show......

i am addicted his love he glids fingers slowly down my body

i move every wich way he bites my neck i laugh: D he sites on his bed

i love my girlfriend brianna i can say name million times fall in love each every minute she amazing :) when she says i love you she give butterflies i hate when she sad because makes me sad: (but i always cheer up make laugh: D i love her very much she my whole world.

brianna my girl

scars on my hand my wrist my legs arms all over scars of lifetime

scars don't hurt me anymore just show me what i been through in life


I close my eyes, and there you are;
you dazzle me, from near and far;
your silhouette - it strikes me too;
no other like it, uniquely you;

As i sit in silence and surronded by hate.
I could never hope to find you its always to late.
I fill the slick blade on my wrist and theres no other way.
i slice in and my pulse begans to fade.

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Hi im Rita im 17 years old I live in Nv i'm Junior in high school i love write poems if you guys haven't noticed, I like listing music my favorite bands are Atreyu, Bullet of my valentine, Sleeping with sirens,3 days grace, Hawthorne heights, and country and some rap..... My favorite colors are black, red, purple, blue, neon green..... i use have snakebites but i took them out so i can get a tatoo i still have my gages in there pretty big now not sure what size anymore. i have my septum pierced now and my eyebrow pierced still and i guess thats all you need know if yall have anymore questions just write me a on here or facebook my email is rsoto1872@yahoo.com)

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Lay Me Down

let me fade away

let me die

lay me on floor tell me everything will be alright

pain flowing through my body

help me

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fallen angel <3 10 January 2012

add me or i take tyrone bqck lol

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