I Never Felt So Sad: '( Poem by rita soto

I Never Felt So Sad: '(

why why why did you break my heart girl i hide in darkness in my little coner razor blades all around me i cut my wirst watch blood run down my arm. i cry till i have no more tears cry someone please help me i have no heart no soul blood covering my wirst.
i loved you! !
look what you did to me broke my heart
your the only one that can fix my heart
why why please take me back
i site here in cry my bloody tears of pain no happenies
my heart is missing i try put back togther its all broken peaces
i just going cut my wirst and die i will be happy when i am dead
when i am in heaven i will no more pain in my heart i will be happy

Alondra Gonzalez 21 October 2011

nothing against you but u should never cut urself...i almost did once but i stpped myself n realized that i would regret it n hate him even more for braking me to the point where i was willing to kil myself! just remmeber no guy is worht killing urself over...thats what i had to tell myself! yet i stil love him...love is bliss but its also full of pain

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rita soto

rita soto

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