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In the dark and chilly night, one day
There I stood by the window pane
Wondering about the silence that made me sad..
The owls hooting, the wolves howling

One gloomy night, I stood alone
On the road.......that led its way
to the riverside..
I took a few steps as I passed through the

There I was, only I
standing on a seashore..
Tears welled up in my eyes
and started to roll down...

Tumhare aane se
Meri ye duniya badal gayi..
Tumhare aane se pehle main kaha thi
Aur ab kaha kho pari.

Love is always a sweet dream,
Which we all long to see….
And once we see, we try to fulfill it,
However hard it might be….

Let us all feel free
To listen to our hearts…
Let us all be strong enough
To make bold starts…

The smell of incense sticks
Fills up my room
As I sit in a corner
In tears and gloom…

Oh! my friend….
You are someone so special to me
So close to me, so dear to me!
Your friendship has defined my path of glory,

Long back, on a city footpath, I met a little girL
One who was lonely and had no one to talk tO
Very often did I see her, weeping hard for LuV
Ever wishing to get from someone love &carE

As the sun rose,
I walked down the green valley
The air was so cool and refreshing....
and the dew drops like pearls

Once I woke up
from my deep sleep
and my heart ran fast,
to meet my love..

Life never ends
For one who gets care and love,
He seeks for a true friend
And the jolly heaven above…

Looking back
I find all the memories
Of my past pretty clear-
They still haunt me

The ‘Thriller’ man

The musical prodigy of all times
Who had ‘healed’ the world

I was born like any other kid
With a heart so delicate
And eyes so dreamy…
I knew not what’s life all about

Love is life….

Very rarely
Do we find someone

A touch of care
is all we need
Because in it lies
The spirit of unity.

I wish I could
I wish I could
Go back to the past
And live each moment

Keep your eyes open
And see the beauty of your dreams…
In them, is hidden
Your happiness and laughter…

There are no tears in my eyes..
But my heart pains with deep sorrow…
My soul shivers as I
get lost in his thoughts…

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I'm a small kid of 14 yrs though i'm a teenager now.I didnot have the hobby of writing poems till last year.But my sis writes wonderful poems...so whenever i see her writing, i sometimes feel like writing too...i think that if she can wrie...why can't I? So i just started jotting down whatever i felt like...and now i can to some extent manage writing poems! That's all! This is my motto of life-- 'No one knows what is awaiting him but everyone knows what he is awaiting for...')

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One Night....

In the dark and chilly night, one day
There I stood by the window pane
Wondering about the silence that made me sad..
The owls hooting, the wolves howling
But still I could only feel the
Silence of that night..
The stream that flows by our house
Was still flowing pleasantly,
with a Gurgling sound...
As I looked up to the sky...
I saw the silver moon and
the twinkling stars...
There it was....the moon
Smiling at me a cute smile...
And the stars...showing their
Elegance and beauty
By shining in the vast sky..
The silence made me feel lonely but..
I realized soon after that
Why should I feel lonely? ..
I had my companions-
the stars, the moon, the owls
the wolves and...
the peaceful stream flowing...

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Kee Thampi 22 December 2011

Let us all have strong faith In our choices and dreams… Let us all enjoy our life before it melts Because life’s like an ice-cream… A good poetess with deep writes

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