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Lay down beside the cool waters edge to listen,
Between each ripple and bubble that glisten.
Cast up your weary eyes and preside,
This boundless pool of space abide.

Purity to purity comprises a life,
But in between becomes a separate swagger,
Which grows and consumes to assume an illusion;
That self, which is pretentious image and brags and boasts

What if the second hand did stop,
And let the urgent striving drop?
What if then further was a lasting minute,
That had the sense of being infinite?

Easy rests the quietened ear,
On summer air and distant voices.
Moistened lips with Goodie's beer,
Dissolve all thoughts, the soul rejoices.

You can let go now
No more suffering or hate
No more fevered brow
Cast off your weight

What it is this shell I live within?
This temporary garment fading in the sun.
A shining cloak to the eye, mine and yours.
It's woven cloth may be washed and oh so well presented.

Allow your perfect stillness on a stormy night to be so strong that you can hold the howling wind in your arms until it cries itself to sleep

Allow your cool softness to be so gentle that it prevents a perfect snowflake from melting in your hand, then shares it's intricate beauty with your love

All the flowers bring bloom and fade,
And all the gains, now spent, were made.
For every drop to gushing came,
A lost is found and lost again.

Scuff the sand against boards and feet
Toward glistening ocean we go to meet.
Astride warm weathered steps descend,
Observe feathered summer breeze befriend,

Realms exist we cannot see,
Yet without which we would not be.
Silence beneath we cannot hear,
And sound is the gift it gives our ear.

First sensed in your silhouette of beauty
In profile against the windscreen.
Rising unchecked, unapologetically,
Within my soul, but not foreseen.

Cool air nip, dawn rests, winter still,
Softening, it washes over valley and hill,
With whispering mist refusing to lie,
Relieved of the lightest, imperceptible sigh.

A virgin parchment begets a tale,
Unscripted, free beyond the pale.
All will come to this empty space,
To fashion and furnish a dwelling place.

Remember the sweet grass and wild flowers that faintly bloom and buzz in your heart's memory.
Flitting like the bees, pollenating, perpetuating, creating.

Remember the walks on windy heather moors, lashed in rain, soaking and seeping into skin and bone,

Ancient lay the stones, solid and strong,
That frame the bright opening, the magic beyond.
A gate sits beckoning, wood worn smooth,
Travellers unknowing have polished its groove.

Provide me love built in honest hearts,
Which grows not in concealed fear,
Or is lost when thy faith departs,
But forged in gentle kindness to appear,

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Sense Presence

Lay down beside the cool waters edge to listen,
Between each ripple and bubble that glisten.
Cast up your weary eyes and preside,
This boundless pool of space abide.
Breathe in the scent of wild blossom about,
Let its atomic soul pervade throughout.
Feel softly the breeze of springs new dawn,
Caressing silently the dew against your form.
Taste the lips of passionate embrace,
The subtle hint of her tender grace.
Allow your boundary sense erode,
And return entangle to the whole abode.

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Robert Merrett Popularity

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