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The moon slides peeling the orange sun.
Seaward seagulls sign a truce of silence,
But cricket has not read the script
And bowls a babble to bats leaving crease

Stare not at tongues of flame and cry.
I do not burn nor did I die.
I am the blessed breeze that blows
The precious pearl that holds its glows;

‘Boys in blue' finger triggers sights on blacks.
Guilt perceived, slaps the face of innocence
With a white hand. ‘Bobbies' bay for black blood
And the air drifts like smoke with the smell

Midnight. Shadows slip over the horizon
While boats sleep like babes silently as a mime.
Green water wears a charcoal gown
Rubbing ribs gently muttering

Heaven has but hell to vanquish;
Earth is stiff without a care,
And, like shrivelled shrubs the homeless
Live in heaps of flaking fear.

He shuffled stolidly down the brown track,
Dust pitted to skin and in his head
He carried the hamlet and rusted
Remorse in Autumn's air. With faces hidden

Christmas. Parang and carols surround
The season with songs of joy.
Pastelles and fruitcakes are eating well
And turkeys gobble ham with chow-chow

At home in his village a son of the soil
Sits fingering the scar of a memory.
He tries clearing his misty mind
To exorcise yesterday's ghost

Sons of Earth, catastrophic times,
Vicious and twisted like a tornado
And blinded by some 'sacred book',
Planning destruction of the infidel,

Into the drizzle rays and peppermint wind
You rise celestial
Into the cycle of death and rebirth
You rise celestial

The Spirit that sparks my veins moves my soul
Moves my mind like a meteor in arc
Is my Great Flame.
And I am engulfed by White radiance

Jack stood there with a grin inching
His ears as teeth gleamed like pearls on black hair.
He was back with his first love, sea forest
And the brook began gossiping.

Cane cuts across a braid of bamboo,
Blades unsheathe match no machete
Threads of sweet sap strip naked,
Tantalize taste buds in rainbow colours

Today with thanks you adorn this home,
Rubbing voices to curl in shells of ears
While hearts dance like electricity,
Lighting the gates of heaven -

Saw you struggle with the fading of the light -
Saw you grasp the handle of this life;
Heard you whisper words that wing in flight -
Felt your prayers pierce all souls with strife.

A salmon sun slips shifting the setting,
When like a light love sheds radiance
On life's dark days casting clouds to bay,
And from a parched peak water falls white roaring

Once entranced, mountains naked and stony
Run for miles rolling in lanes
Where clouds are hats on heads of peaks.
Dry like an Arab state in Ramadan,

In fields and forests I searched for Jesus
But found Him not
On Rocky Mountains I combed the peaks
But found Him not

In isolation he drank heavily -
And pretended the poison had not plagued
His body as he tumbled down another
Black road, giving expletives to tongue.

Caught in dual lies a couple struggle
To think outside the child of Eden
To taste the twin fruit of good and evil
To gain knowledge not by obedience

The Best Poem Of Robert Dummett

When Darkness Falls

The moon slides peeling the orange sun.
Seaward seagulls sign a truce of silence,
But cricket has not read the script
And bowls a babble to bats leaving crease
Running out for the night,
Frog, prince of the slime and puffed up like a
Pharisee notes the pitch, pulls no bull,
Hops and tosses a beamer in bass.
The beach buttons up its khaki suit
And sands the galvanize sea smooth,
Save for lover's slaps upon rocky heads;
The lighthouse stands as proud as a phallus-
To ships a friendly flasher,
To buoys a phosphorous professor,
A blast from a frigate is an unwelcome
Guest and shells rinse perforated ear-drums
In ditchwater discharged from passing boats,
From port an arrow-head bow cuts through a
Sheet of glass like a diamond while phantoms dance
The deck and ghost the deep in shadow,
Night, black as a molly unfolds its gown
Touching pinheads of light peeping
Through canopy in the horizon,
Coconut trees inhale the breath of sea
Through thin vein fingers and bend their backs like
A snooker player about to dump the green.
I, in my back porch, scan the scene,
Put the evening chores on hold, frantically
Took some film and camera, and telescope-
Stepped outside and gazed, I, too hypnotized,
Beneath the magic carpet caught the night.

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Radhica Laukaran 01 September 2019

Absolutely brilliant

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