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i am a young secretive writer currently working to get my works published.
i am just another loner who writes his poetry the pen is my weapon the paper the battlefield here to prove not all guys are emotionless and can be just as emotive as anyone else.

'an author can survive anything but a mis-print.'
oscar wilds. ...

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A Boy's Love

Why does she make me feel like this,
Is it how she flicks her hair,
Or how her eyes are oceans of bliss,
I can't help but feel its unfair,
As we've known each other such a long time,
And come so far down the line
I'm scared of these feelings
I've never had before
I dread it's...
It can't be...
But it is...
Love. I love her
But she doesn't love me
She loves someone else as i see.

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Robert Eclipse Popularity

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