Robert Edgar Burns

Rookie - 1 Points (02/14/1953 / Dunedin, Florida)

Robert Edgar Burns Poems

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541. The Curse 3/15/2012
Best Poem of Robert Edgar Burns

The Curse

Behind every clown is a sad man.
Beneath every smile there are tears.
In front of all women there are stop signs.
In the heart of all hero's are fears.

Sometimes smiles and tears mingle.
My wish is all the time it's that way.
Every woman and clown put all obstacles down,
Just turn around from sadness, each day.

The above two verses are simply brilliant.
I cannot think of what else I can say.
But this poem needs a third verse,
Sometimes it's a curse.
But I smile as I am writing, it's O.K.

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Get down on the floor Grandpa
And play cars with me o.k?
Then you can read me stories.
Can we do this every day?

I will run and hide on you,
Underneath my big boy bed.
I will take my bear with me
And some peanut butter bread.

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