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Stood in the corner gathering dust
Steel strings
Pitted with rust
Loose and untuned

The truth hurt, nothing to atone
There were no lies
Moving alone
Dancing with tears in my eyes

Don't fear the Reaper
Another sleep only deeper
Your toil is done
No more midday sun.

The poets words,
Of the heart
For a love, lost!
On deaf ears

There she stood in shoes of Red
Dressed in Black!
Broad brimmed hat!
Respect for the departed

Wooden soldiers
Tall and strong
Guarding woodlands
In rows so long.

If I were a painter!
I would paint a picture of you,
If I were a songwriter!
I would sing of my love for you,

Winter cold we are born
One of strife
To this we are sworn
This, the cycle of life

Elusive as a butterfly
In your voice I hear you sigh
The beat of it's wings
Your voice to me it sings

Dreams are for fools and poets
Let the dreamer dream
And the poet write
And let us mere mortals pine. 

Streams full and rushing
Young boy splashing
Wellies wet, dashing
Water lapping,

You take My words
Brushes in hand
Blank canvas on stand
The curve of a woman

I was your distraction
You were mine
With satisfaction
I found you divine

I lay cold and pale
In a casket made of wood
Six foot hole awaits
In a world where I once stood.

In the quiet, still morning
Of calm waters and painted skies
A tall story waits to be told.
Here to unfold.

Bonfire night
Wood and boxes alight
Children's glee
All around to see.

Red Rose! Frozen!
Roses by the dozen
Cold start
Petals encrusted holding ones heart.


Do you really smile
When you smile?
Or like me
Smile for others to see.

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As My Guitar Gently Weeps

Stood in the corner gathering dust
Steel strings
Pitted with rust
Loose and untuned
Waiting to be held
Arms wrapped around
Waiting for the caress of fingers
For passion to make it dance
To feel fingers press and glide
To make this old instrument young again.
A love song to play
The player to sway
A lover long lost
Never forgotten
To bring to life
A song once sung


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Shahzia Batool 19 August 2012

Robert Green 's page is like a magazine supplement, many light & gentle poems are there to cater different minds & tastes...he writes about various topics n themes, but in a lucid diction, easy to get involved in...he has acquired tradition and that's why he composes in's always a light pleasure to visit this page...

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Robert Green Popularity

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