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Dark Becomes Dawn

Dark as pitch - Dawn spreads light
Dark as dead - Dawn expires graves
Dark withers - Dawn freshness wears
Dark un-paths - Dawn re-strides.

ǣ Ceallian Tð Ælmesse

(a call to alms)

fðlmes ðf þæt giernans
(hands of the beggars)

The Boston Tea Party

The moment we wake up
Before we put on our war-paint make up
We say a little anti-British prayer for you
While combing our Indian wigs now,

A White Rose

Reverence and humility
A rose without thorns
Purity and brightness;
You’re telling someone

Boxer Rebellion

Once a upon a time, there was a Rebellion quite Chinese
Took place from November 1899 to September 1901 A.D.
The Boxers were considered somewhat anti-foreign –
When worn next to sensitive skin caused chaffing & itching.

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Jamie Vanecek 11 October 2009

What poem did Robert Sheridan write with the verse Why don't you come into my garden, I would like my roses to look at you

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