A White Rose Poem by Robert Sheridan

A White Rose

Reverence and humility
A rose without thorns
Purity and brightness;
You’re telling someone
that they’re an angel
or I’m in love with you
but you’re far too young;
and if they give you two,
they’ve got a deep secret;
It’s leaves symbolize hope
and optimism for life;
Innocence, reverence,
humility and truth it bequeaths
Very beautiful to use on a first date –
a symbol, I’m worthy of you.


Ana Zaldivar 27 January 2009

This is incredibly beautiful..! I've always thought that roses are the God's best creation.. they are so beautiful.... but a white rose is even more beautiful, because it represents purity and brightness... they also take out some of the best poems.. love it! Ana Lia Z.

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Reshma Ramesh 23 December 2008

iam worthy of you...................beautiful........merry christmas...........

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Bonnie Collins 21 September 2008

This was a very tender write, it was filled with so much thought.. A white rose was always my favorite, as I always felt sorry for the color, as even though it stands for purity and an uncondional pedal, to me, its brothrs and sisters have all the glory...Enjoyed this much... Bonnie

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Ben Gieske 19 April 2008

Thought provoking. There is no rose without thorns and love does not seem to be true if it comes without suffereing. Humility is knowing and admitting the truth about one self. I must admit that your poem is beautifully phrased.

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