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Roger Hudson grew up in the village of Bramley in Surrey, England and was educated at Royal Grammar School Guildford and University College London.

He lived in London and Dublin working in many areas of research, writing, editing and filmmaking. He came late to serious poetry when he moved to Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland in 2004 and started wor ...

Roger Hudson Poems

In A World Of Grown-Ups

So what is it this adulthood?
You see them on the telly
Being interviewed
These adults

Plaything Of The Great God Kafka

Oh, no! Not again!
Everything going fine
Then great god Kafka wakes up
In his heaven

Learning From Boccaccio

"This passage contains magical terms
that proved untranslatable, "
read the editorial note.
Working his way through the thick translation

Old House

"There's woodworm, "
the surveyor's report screamed at us
"There's a big crack by the front door"
"It needs re-wiring"

Prejudice Begins At Home

Mum has spotted a skin-black Sikh
Colourfully turbaned
Smart suited
Suitcase in hand

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