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So what is it this adulthood?
You see them on the telly
Being interviewed
These adults

Oh, no! Not again!
Everything going fine
Then great god Kafka wakes up
In his heaven

"This passage contains magical terms
that proved untranslatable, "
read the editorial note.
Working his way through the thick translation

"There's woodworm, "
the surveyor's report screamed at us
"There's a big crack by the front door"
"It needs re-wiring"

Mum has spotted a skin-black Sikh
Colourfully turbaned
Smart suited
Suitcase in hand

Last night in dream
I missed my flight
no documents wrong documents
and was forever going round

Summer afternoon.
Relaxing in the sun
On bank of Highgate Pond

Sun on Georgian pillars
Sudden green surprises
Of lush squares city gardens
Museums galleries

Handsome long-haired bearded hippies confessing on camera,
They smile embarrassed "Did I really do that? " smiles,
As they own up to atrocities seen or done in Vietnam
Prisoners hurled from gunships.

Lifted from murky foul-smelling scum-covered tanks
Brown wax peels back
Chrome magic glistens

Edging forward the expectant queue
Becomes more expectant as box office nears
At Odeon Playhouse Plaza
As denizens emerge to blink in alien daylight

Waiting queuing
Queuing waiting
Checking double-checking
Security bureaucracy

In zinc tub
on red tiles of kitchen floor
his mother scrubs his back,
as he sits in the few inches

Waaah waah
Waah waaah
My turn, is it my turn
Rousing, feet plodding, eyes forced open

Over the cobbles they scuttle
Through narrow winding lanes
In fairytale city
These multi-tongued tourist beetles

The hesitant phonecall from the callbox across the road
The gloomy stairwell and lift
The setting sun picking out the backs of old sandstone buildings
Glimpsed through the window

Of trains doggedly ploughing through feet-high drifts of snow
Of lorries and cars snowed up in blizzards

Not beautiful
In a conventional sense.
The dark hair
That becomes matted easily

The myriad swallows
Perched like notes on a music sheet
On telegraph wires overhead

To passengers on the train
The city exposes its dirty backside


Roger Hudson Biography

Roger Hudson grew up in the village of Bramley in Surrey, England and was educated at Royal Grammar School Guildford and University College London. He lived in London and Dublin working in many areas of research, writing, editing and filmmaking. He came late to serious poetry when he moved to Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland in 2004 and started working with Steve Downes on their joint collection Side-Angles. Since then he has published two solo collections with Lapwing Publications and started experimenting with different ways of performing and presenting his own and other people’s poetry. Roger’s poems have been published in magazines and anthologies in Ireland and UK, with his poetry books to-date being: Side-Angles 2005 (with Steve Downes) (Pagan Publications) Greybell Wood and Beyond 2010 (Lapwing Publications) Plaything of the Great God Kafka 2013 (Lapwing Publications) His one published novel is an historical mystery set in Ancient Athens: Death Comes by Amphora 2007 (Twenty First Century Publishers) Roger is working on several projects, including a sequel to the novel and another poetry collection. Website: “It’s a book to return to relish and enjoy, a book that is varied and rich in its depictions, in its range of subject matter and in rightly demanding our ear, our sympathy and sometimes compassion.” Joe Woods, Director of Poetry Ireland ”Roger’s poems capture treasured moments, and, when he reads them aloud he gracefully unfolds them for us - this is a blessing! ” Stephen James Smith, performance poet “Each poem is memory recalled through a cascade of images, the narrative punctuated by fascinating asides and digressions. There is humour and honesty here and the voice, though rueful or sad at times, never judges the younger self but instead filters the experience through the wisdom of hindsight and a life fully lived.” Anne Tannam, poet)

The Best Poem Of Roger Hudson

In A World Of Grown-Ups

So what is it this adulthood?
You see them on the telly
Being interviewed
These adults
Talking with assurance
as though they know
how the world works
have the ability to control it
work with it
until the crisis hits
the panic
when it turns out
they don't
they behave like the children
we all are
do what the stronger tell them
the big boys
the financiers
the bank managers
the developers
the bullies
then hide away
say nothing
do nothing
hoping the problem will go away
like a child

Are they all pretending
To be adults
Or are some of them
Most of them
Really in control of their lives
All our lives
What trick did I miss
And others like me
That we start each day
Wondering what will go wrong next
How we will cope with each new burden
Yet not show that we are
Not in control
Pretend that we have it taped
Are adult like them

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Roger Hudson Popularity

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