In A World Of Grown-Ups Poem by Roger Hudson

In A World Of Grown-Ups

Rating: 5.0

So what is it this adulthood?
You see them on the telly
Being interviewed
These adults
Talking with assurance
as though they know
how the world works
have the ability to control it
work with it
until the crisis hits
the panic
when it turns out
they don't
they behave like the children
we all are
do what the stronger tell them
the big boys
the financiers
the bank managers
the developers
the bullies
then hide away
say nothing
do nothing
hoping the problem will go away
like a child

Are they all pretending
To be adults
Or are some of them
Most of them
Really in control of their lives
All our lives
What trick did I miss
And others like me
That we start each day
Wondering what will go wrong next
How we will cope with each new burden
Yet not show that we are
Not in control
Pretend that we have it taped
Are adult like them

Thursday, December 28, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: life,perspective,politics
Hazel Durham 04 January 2018

A world of greed, corruption and lies nobody takes responsibility just plays hide and seek in so called adults world acting like children! Thought-provoking and great write!

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Leah Ross 28 December 2017

great write very well penned....most of have the attributes yes yet when it comes down to it act like their 4

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 28 December 2017

A very insightful write. Sometimes human beings have the attributes of a full grown man but trapped in the mind of a child. A great piece.10

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