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A love like no other,
one that is of a unique kind,
a fathers love,
one that knows no bound,

Wolf pups always play,
Jumping and chasing all day,
Full of energy,
Never resting, nor stopping,

A fox and a wolf,
A wolf and a fox,
A sure to be volatile concoction of love,
But some may ask, how can this be?

They come and they go,
here one moment, then gone the next,
summer rains, never are they predicted.
They blow in when you least expect it,

She's the angel in my eyes,
a beauty, the likes I've never seen,
a delicate flower blowing in a breeze,
the one true woman, only for me.

I gave you my heart, my soul, my love,
then you go and throw it all away.
My heart is broken, shattered, and torn,
I am in disrepair, cannot be fixed, sore once more,

What is that noise,
a call so loud,
echoes through the valley,
surrounds us all around.

It's long and wide,
It's always on the move,
It never stops nor does it pause,
It's current is always flowing,

I am sorry for what I have done,
I hurt your heart, and hurt your soul,
You put your trust in me, and I let it down,
You gave me your love, and I blew it away,

It is mighty and strong,
It is wide and large,
It covers the whole planet,
There is always a cool breeze,


They come and they go,
here one moment then gone the next,
They give the ocean its mighty roar,
Surfers ride them to the ends of the Earth,

My life is at a standstill,
and I don't know why,
Nothing seems to be going my way,
My tank is empty,

When I was lonely and hurt,
you were there to help me through my pain.
When I thought for sure things would get worse,
you were there and made me feel so much better.

As strong as rocks on a mountain side,
our love will never die.
It is bound as tight as the chords of a spiders web.
It goes for all eternity,

Everyday it makes me cry,
thinking of Jesus, how he died for all mankind.
To see him upon that cross crucified,
how he bled and cried because of I.

Hush now my little pups,
close your weary eyes,
lay down your precious heads,
now is the time for rest,

Eyes as beautiful as diamond,
hair as soft as silk,
curves as luscious as candy,
your beauty is a precious gift.

I awaken and find,
I no longer look nor feel human,
what hav i become?
I'm covered in fur and have a tail,

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A Fathers Love

A love like no other,
one that is of a unique kind,
a fathers love,
one that knows no bound,
a father there for me when I am in need.
He wraps me in stong arms,
holding me close and tight,
making sure nothing will ever hurt me.
A fathers love,
it will never falter nor fail,
a love I can count on to make me well.
A fathers love,
such a powerful spell,
one that can never be broken,
not even by the worst of crimes.
A fathers love will never die,
forever will it live on,
forever will it be mine.

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Roland Houston Popularity

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