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Ron Poetry Poems

1. She Is Beyond Heaven.... 9/29/2011
2. Allowed To Dream.. 9/29/2011
3. Childhood Of Nightmares 9/29/2011
4. The Rons 9/29/2011
5. Abandon 9/29/2011
6. Your Presence 9/29/2011
7. Soul Vs Spirit 9/29/2011
8. The Sinning Poets Prayer 9/29/2011
9. Sun Has Sound We Never Hear 4/7/2012
10. That Word Love.. 4/16/2012
11. Words From A Butterfly 5/10/2012
12. She Is Always Right 5/10/2012
13. The Philosophy Of A Blessed Husband 5/15/2012
14. My Dear My Tear 6/27/2012
15. The Black Angel 8/31/2012
16. Poetic Bliss 8/31/2012
17. The Heart Of A Poet 8/31/2012
18. Poets Prayer 8/31/2012
19. No More 8/31/2012
20. Unsaid 8/31/2012
21. Sensual Diva 8/31/2012
22. Mother 8/31/2012
23. Dark Half 8/31/2012
24. Bad Dream 9/3/2012
25. Poltical Nonsense 9/10/2012
26. Mind F..K 9/10/2012
27. Poetic Greatness 9/10/2012
28. Crushes 9/12/2012
29. Beauty 9/12/2012
30. Tarnished Ministry 9/18/2012
31. Tables Turned 9/18/2012
32. Ink Filled Tears 1/17/2013
33. Slave Minded 9/12/2012
34. Poetic Ecstacy 8/31/2012
35. Message Of Promise To My Children.. 5/10/2012
36. Ella & Lena 9/29/2011
37. She Loves Butterflies 9/30/2011
38. 3 Kings 9/12/2012
39. Ivisible Battlefield 5/13/2012
40. I Am A Diamond... 12/29/2012

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Cherish Her

If she's the one you love and trust,
Who lives within your heart,
Then cherish her, for this you must,
Your true love to impart.
For love compels us to respond
To all we're meant to be,
Not just today, but far beyond,
For all eternity....
That's why God wants us at our best, Not coasting throughout life...
And if a man seeks to be blessed,
He cherishes his wife...
Forgiveness heals the burdened soul,
To free it from despair...
And yet more blessed is self-control
And when two hearts can share.
Togetherness brings happiness
And riches more...

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She Is Beyond Heaven....

Your honey skin, shines in this darkness,
Your halo kisses my lips and drips love so perfectly upon me
I cannot fight the feelings I am awaken by
I come alive from your wind upon my cheeks
Fly away angel, fly away into the mist of gold
The golden sun, that burns my soul like wild fire
I see your eyes, oh how I am mesmerized by you..
If everything is made to live and die; Can I spend my days in your arms?
My heart beats, my heart lifts, my heart rhythm to your voice

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