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When I first popped out of my mum, I saw what the world was like and yelled out, 'Put me back! '. But the doctor just said, 'Shut up, you little brat! ' and gave me a slap on the bum. Hence I yelled even louder and threatened to sue him for child abuse. (As you see, I was precocious as a child, but don't worry, the precociousness left me some ti ...

Rory Hudson Poems

A Room Without A View

Waking up at midnight
in a room without a view,
taking up a book, you find
no pages to look through.

A Child Is Singing

(A haiku)

A child is singing:
even birds stop to listen -

Ten Stanzas On Buddhist Themes

Again and again, the ghosts of aeons past
walk the narrow corridors of your life.

Again and again, they call to you

At The Beach

Many have trod
this sandy beach
seeking for shells.

Along The Path

I wish I could have eased your pain
as once we walked along the path
that led along a grassy ridge
and round the hill, and back again.

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