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...............~diary Of A Very Sad Clown~...............

With the start of each day
As in his bed awake he lay
His life comes flashing to his mind
Not a single happy memory he can find


saddness crowned with perfect grace;
desperation and injustice it embrace,
lying on the floor, lost and insecure;
no more negativity i can endure

A Single Drop

rivers flow down my mountains
high peeks of crystal white
skies of pure blue garnished with stars
in horizons shining with light


you make me cry
then you wipe my tears
you sit trying to console me
after you feed my fears

.......~blades Of Lies~.......

lies that in every word lies
between the letters the truth dies
and each letter becomes a blade;
that pierces your flesh till your soul fade

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hey, i'm rowan.i was born and live in egypt so english is not my native language but i still find it easier to write poems in english.
i only started writting last year after a certain experience which till now is still unresolved so i'll continue to write melancholic verse until it's over.....

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