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1. Today... 'Lover' 2/24/2012
2. Today... 'The Carpenter' 2/24/2012
3. Today... 'The Fear Of Isaac' 2/25/2012
4. Today... 'The Author And Finisher Of Our Faith' 2/25/2012
5. Today... 'almighty God'. 2/25/2012
6. Today... 'The Almighty' 2/25/2012
7. Today... 'The Altogether Lovely One' 2/25/2012
8. Today... 'The Amen' 2/25/2012
9. Today... 'The Breaker' 2/28/2012
10. Today... 'The Beginning And The End' 2/28/2012
11. Today... 'The Ancient Of Days' 2/29/2012
12. Today... 'The Deliverer' 2/29/2012
13. Today... 'The Architect' 3/1/2012
14. Today... 'The Finisher Of Faith' 3/3/2012
15. Today... 'Bundle Of Myrrh ' 3/3/2012
16. Today... 'God' 3/4/2012
17. Today... 'Glory' 3/6/2012
18. Today... 'Dayspring' 3/6/2012
19. Today... 'Builder' 3/6/2012
20. Today... 'Blessèd And Only Potentate' 3/7/2012
21. Today... 'Awesome God' 3/7/2012
22. Today... 'Commander' 3/8/2012
23. Today... 'The Friend From My Youth' 3/8/2012
24. Today... 'Glory In Midst Of Her' 3/9/2012
25. Today... 'Former Of All Things' 3/9/2012
26. Today... 'Angel Of The Lord' 2/25/2012
27. Today... 'Angel' 2/25/2012
28. Today... 'Immanuel' 2/26/2012
29. Today... 'My Banner' 2/26/2012
30. Today... 'Diadem' 3/11/2012
31. Today... 'Author Of Peace' 3/12/2012
32. Today... 'The Chiefest Among Ten Thousand' 3/13/2012
33. Today... 'Christ Our Life' 3/15/2012
34. Today... 'The Creator Of The Ends Of The Earth' 3/15/2012
35. Today... 'Christ In You' 3/18/2012
36. Today... 'The Creator' 3/18/2012
37. Today... 'The Firstborn Of The Dead' 3/19/2012
38. Today... 'The Glorious Sword' 3/19/2012
39. Today... 'One To Be Feared' 3/20/2012
40. Today... 'The Firstborn' 3/21/2012

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Best Poem of Roy Allen

Today... 'The Lamb Of God'

“Behold, The Lamb of God is passing by.”
“Follow Him, ” was John the Baptist’s cry.
For He’ll take away all of this world’s sin
and open heaven’s door to let us in.

As a lamb to the slaughter He was led
pouring out His precious blood so red.
For only He could pay that awful price
and atone for sin by His sacrifice.

Stricken and smitten of His God was He
for my transgressions and iniquity.
There lash by lash my penalty He paid
when upon the alter the Lamb was laid.

Before heaven’s throne the Lamb of God stands
the wounds of the cross in His ...

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Today... 'The Almighty'

Petrified in the boat they were panicking
as the waves of the sea came cascading in.
Then Lord You rose and commanded the sea
'Be still, ' You said with great authority.

'What manner of man is this' they cried
amazed as they saw the wind and sea subside.
The storm was quelled and the wind did cease
The Almighty obeyed, they were left in peace.

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