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Sitting on a balcony
over looking the city
gray lifeless, out to sea
the first rays of light.

A day will come
i will not rise.
Or wipe the sleep
out of my eyes.

It is the time
for moving.
To a better time
down the road,

She smiled
her elmond eyes
turned at the edge.
A warm glow, came from her.

A book, a book
a wonderful book
Robin hood and old frier Tuck.
All in lincan green

Only a life
lived for others
is a life worthwhile.
From grand houses

In the dark
city streets
no love
did i find.

I am looking for a sliver
dawn, blue skys
where the land
flows on for ever.

It is not a kiss
it is the heart.
It is not the poem
but the rhyme.

The sun is still shining
down english country lanes.
Life changes
the past

Gently the wind blows amanda
i can not feel the wind or the sun.
Another day is done amanda
with no place to run.


the apex
of the rising.
And setting.

with ladys fair.
shining in there hair.

Will you ever
walk in England.
Will you ever,
talk in England.


Moving in the wind
secrets of yesterday
lovers dreams, of tomorrow
through out time.

Wondering through the rooms
that are empty now.
The sound of babys crying.
Children sighing,

I had a dream.
I spent
the night
with a beautful woman.

I.O.U. a smile.
I.O.U. all the love
from my heart.
I.O.U. time

We are the children
of the forest, and plan.
Living our lives,
our lives, are the same.

angle of the morning
fading away.

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I am now on a few poetry sites as i think this a way forward for poets no longer are we a few here and there. there are many of us and we will all work to help each other for better poetry. I am enjoying my time on this site, i think i writing a lot better but only you can tell me.)

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A Day Begins

Sitting on a balcony
over looking the city
gray lifeless, out to sea
the first rays of light.
Cut across the water
lighting the out lines
of the building pink
turning red to gold
as a day begins.

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Caroteke 25 January 2018

Cool and craey

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Melissa Coventry 03 April 2008

Your style of writing is enchanting to the reader, the simplicity and flow to all your poems and the use of so few words to convey such deep and strong themes is the essence of a good poet, a wonderful poet! You have the skill of 'less is more' and many fellow poets on Poemhunter admire that. Take care, Mel xx

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