Royston Nella Poems

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Morning Glory

As I gaze out of my window I see
each new morning a fresh bloom greeting me.
With its purple trumpets clarion call
proclaiming joy and peace to one and all.

I Almost Lost You Yesterday

I almost lost you yesterday.
My life all shattered and in disarray.
God could have chosen death to part
and brought such sadness to my heart.

Me, You And The Wardrobe

I hid in the wardrobe thinking this will be great.
But my timing was wrong and I left it too late.
My plan of seduction had gone wildly adrift.
For when you found me hiding there you were so miffed.

Love Stronger Than Death

He spoke words much stronger than those of death.
as He died and breathed out His final breath
Words of forgiveness, words of loving care,
as He hung upon the cross in agony there.

Busy Hands


Love Took The Cup

Love took the cup
and drank it up.
It's empty now for me.

Love Turns Mere Water Into Wine

Love turns mere water into wine
and earthly things become divine.
It swallows hurt and hatred up
and sweetens every bitter cup.


I looked into the mirror today
and I just did not know what to say.
For the person looking back at me
was the man I had turned out to be.

Let's Take The Risk

Let's take the risk and step out of the boat,
for Jesus will always keep us afloat.
Let's take a chance and reach out to touch
those around us that do not have so much.

Love Always Forgives

Oh foolish man to test her love in this way.
hurting her so and causing her such dismay.
Her wonderful love so faithful and so true
has been challenged by the deeds that you do.

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