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Promise that meant forever
A face that squirrelled eternity
An echoing silence that would sever
The strings tied in our destiny

There lay those thorns
That Spring had planted
And they waited for winter's bite
So in patience they bud beauty


How cold did you expect the frost to be
For all I know its putting flames to fire
How much peace in the white could you see
When you know its inhaling the dreams we dreamed


A few funny assumptions
Inherited along this destined ascend
A treasure of too many mysteries
Disappears slowly into a friend

We do complete the universe
We both have bits to fill
We are that inspiring story
Desired by every ink and quill

A celestial beauty stared at us
Enamored she came our way
With the nebulae her blush
And her eyes a cosmos day

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Broken Pomise

Promise that meant forever
A face that squirrelled eternity
An echoing silence that would sever
The strings tied in our destiny

A melody that is off the key
Words that assured immortality
And you that had wrecked the perfect we
Whose pieces lie in dark levity.

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Ramesh Rai 31 January 2014

Rubab Atwal is a great dynamic Poetess who has brought her position to explore an outstanding value of life. Wish her a bright future.

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Dilraj Sahota 08 January 2014

Rubab, my dad showed me your poem page. You have an impressive vocabulary and your poems are very enjoyable to read. Me and dad read through them together last weekend. I especially like: Two Pieces, A Path, Wars. And Angel Among Us is a truly beautiful read. So keep up the good work! Be careful with some of your grammar though as you are getting the use of the words its and it's mixed up in your poems so perhaps run your poems through a grammar check program. Looking forward to reading more of your poems, please continue to Push the Limits :) Your Raju Chacha

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Geetha Jayakumar 17 December 2013

RUBAB ATWAL is the young, aspiring and gifted poet. Comes with beautiful poems. Her themes are much higher than her age. No doubt she will rise to the popular poets level. Wishing you all the Best and Success in her all future endeavours. Keep on exploring the amazing gift you are blessed with. God Bless you!

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Dinesan Madathil 06 December 2013

RUBAB ATWAL is a budding poet with immense talent and as a poet with many more interesting tales to tell she is likely to be very popular in the P.H soon. The apt diction used in her poems and the emotional bond she seems to have with her immediate friends around her are her areas of strength and it is hoped that in due course of time she will be graduated into poet for whom vision of an invariably wider world will be an inevitably desired merit. I wish Baby Rubab Atwal a very great time ahead as a poet par excellence.

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Rubab Atwal Popularity

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