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Rudy Hossam Poems

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2. My Dream 2/6/2009
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16. If Looks Can Say 12/16/2007
17. A Friend 12/17/2007
18. You Broke My Heart 12/16/2007
19. The Difference 1/3/2009
20. Never Give Up 9/7/2008
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Never Give Up

Sometimes life is against you
You see it turning......
From dark to darker
Wishing it's just a nightmare
And soon you'll wake up......
Wishing it's just the night
And soon there will be light......

But you realize you were wrong
It's all very true
It's neither a nightmare nor the night
It's just things are no longer right......

In a corner you sit......
Crying blood instead of tears
Waiting sadly alone
In that little seat of yours
Thinking that that would change the world......

Unfortunately that's not true
The world just won't ...

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Love From First Sight

I never believed in love from first sight
It’s said to be but it’s never right
People talked about it all night
As if it’s clearer than pure light.

I heard their stories with a doubt
How could such a thing be right?
I left the room and got out
When something appealing happened that night.

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