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At 3am,
you dare not wake
if you're not strong enough
to face your failures

I woke up to the world
with the strength for greatness
something the world itself
has never felt or made;

I always thought
a house is a home
until I saw how a broken gourd
couldn't float of water

I would teach you
how to be broken,
you have to learn
how to be strong

Journey through life is a hard battle
And I just may end up another sad story
If my world crumble tonight
Wrap me up in a cheap white clothes

My life needs not much of a miracle
My life needs just a little redemption
I'm lost in the light of darkness
But I trust in the strength of myself

Take my hands
and let's together make
a perfect history
we're like two separate of a coin,

At the thought of the old room
All light gone,
Then you realize so much is lost
innocence and childhood all gone

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Every 3am

At 3am,
you dare not wake
if you're not strong enough
to face your failures
right in human form,
looking so ugly
and killing;
those thoughts
of how much you tried
but never been
good enough,
thoughts of those days
when your dream
was to save the world,
thoughts of those days
when you want to grow up
and be the best
for your little child;
At 3: 10am
you remember everything
that made you
give up on love,
The trust, betrayal
and heartbreaks,
The punches you received
All because
he always bring you
flower, chocolate and wine;
Love, care and sweet words
no longer do the magic
Those punches
Gives you Orgasm
Thoughts of how
you weren't patient enough
to show love
to those who deserve it,
By 3: 15am,
you should be done
sinking yourself
in your abstract sadness
By 3: 20am,
you would make a decision
to either write a poem,
write a letter to more uncertainties
or a suicide note.

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